Hitchcock ISD


  1. Hitchcock ISD will accept Field Experience Requests for spring 2022. 
  2. Hitchcock ISD requires that Field Experience requests are submitted at least one month in advance of the proposed start date.  Hitchcock ISD will not process last-minute requests.
  3. Field Experience Request forms and course rosters are to be submitted to CPDT. Students are to submit a copy of the syllabus and a university or program letter prepared by the instructor stating the need to do observations.
  4. Placements will be determined by Human Resources and the various campuses.  Neither students, nor instructors are to contact the district/campuses regarding placements.
  5. Students will make an appointment with Human Resources to complete the background check and application.  They are notified of eligibility during the interview.
  6. CPDT is notified of eligibility status by the district and will relay that information to instructors.


  1. Students are to make an appointment with Hitchcock ISD Human Resources to complete a background check and application. Contact Sharanda Harrison at 409-316-6550.
  2. Students will be notified of eligibility by Human Resources during interview. 
  3. Students are to make second appointment to be shown around campus, etc. 
  4. Hitchcock ISD requires one month’s notice of intent to observe on its campuses, therefore, the above responsibilities must be met in time to allow one month between the request and proposed start date.
  5. Hitchcock ISD will not process last-minute requests.