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Galena Park ISD


  1. Galena Park ISD will accept Field Experience Requests for spring 2018 beginning November 1, 2017
  2. Field Experience Requests, course rosters and students’ completed Consent & Disclosure and FCRA Summary of Rights forms are to be submitted to CPDT.
    Placements will be determined by Human Resources and the various campuses.  Neither students, nor instructors, are to contact the district/campuses regarding placements.
    Galena Park ISD notifies CPDT of eligibility status and placements.  CPDT will advise instructors, who will inform students.  The district also sends the students an approval letter, which the student must present when reporting to the campus.


  1. Print and complete the Consent and Disclosure and FCRA Summary of Rights form.
  2. Submit the completed form to the course instructor, who will forward it to the district for processing.
  3. If approved, student will receive a letter indicating approval. Student will be required to present the letter when reporting to the campus.