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Deer Park ISD


  1. Deer Park ISD will no longer allow independent teaching as a component of field experience; the only exception to this applies to DPISD employees. A limited number of field observations will be permitted, with district approval.  
  2. Field Experience Requests are to be submitted to CPDT Office. 
  3. Once students have been approved, instructors may communicate with the secretary to the Department of Instruction’s Executive Director regarding placement details. 
  4. Deer Park ISD does not notify students of eligibility.  CPDT Office will be notified and will inform instructors of each student’s status as it is reported to CPDT. 


  1. In order to observe in Deer Park ISD you will need to complete an online application.  Go to and look under Departments where you will find Human Resources. Click on Applicant Information. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Online Application.  Complete the TEACHER INTERN application (it will be under CERTIFIED positions).  
  2. Once the application is completed, Human Resources needs 24 hours to process the application. 
  3. CPDT will be notified by the district of student eligibility. CPDT will notify the instructor and the instructor will inform the student. 
  4. Once advised of eligibility, the student will contact the secretary to the Department of Instruction’s Executive Director.