Columbia-Brazoria ISD


  1. Columbia-Brazoria ISD accepts Field Experience Requests for an upcoming semester at any  time. 
  2. Field Experience Requests, Volunteer Background Check forms and course rosters are to be submitted to CPDT.
  3. Colombia-Brazoria ISD Human Resources will notify CPDT of students’ eligibility.  CPDT will notify instructors and suite secretaries. 
  4. Once students have been approved, instructors are to contact campus principals to arrange placements, dates and times of observations.


  1. Students are to print and complete the Colombia-Brazoria ISD Volunteer Background Check form and submit completed form to their instructor. 
  2. Once notified of approval by their instructor, students are to report to their assigned campus on the dates and times specified by their instructor.
  3. Students must provide to the campus their driver’s license or state-issued identification upon arrival.