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Clear Creek ISD


  1. Field Experience Requests and course rosters are to be submitted to CPDT.
  2. Clear Creek ISD will continue to host Field Experience for the fall  2021 semester by providing a maximum of 15 observation only hours per student to be scheduled face to face or virtually should the district have to move to an all virtual format at times during the semester. If there are multiple placements for a student in CCISD, the instructors will need to collaborate to determine how many field experience hours will be conducted for each course within the 15 hour limit. Students will need to notify their instructors of multiple field placements in CCISD.
  3. Placements will be determined by Human Resources and the various campuses. There is a possibility that the number of students could be limited depending on the number of teachers willing to host observers in their classroom. It would be helpful if professors could limit multiple visits (Ex.: 4 or 5 visits per student is a lot for a teacher to support.)
  4. Instructors wishing to place an entire class or even a large number of students, should contact Barbara Morrison in CCISD HR at 281-284-0149 to seek approval before submitting their Field Experience Request to the CPDT office. Ms. Morrison will need to interface with principals with the exception of McWhirter. Instructors with connections in other districts may want to consider those options. All visitors will be expected to comply with District Safe School Protocols approved by the Board. (McWhirter Elementary Only: Instructors may contact Dr. Laurie Weaver regarding placements.)
  5. CPDT will notify instructors of student eligibility when determined and notified by the district.
  6. Instructors will notify students of eligibility.
  7. Once notified by CPDT of approvals, instructor will then contact the campus principal to work out all teacher needs, placements and scheduling details.


  1. A maximum of 15 observation only hours per student are allowed for field experience for fall 2021. If a student has multiple placements for CCISD, the student needs to notify their instructors of the multiple field placements prior to completing the online application.
  2. Log on to
  3. Click on "Join our Team"
  4. Click on "Current Openings"
  5. Type "Field Experience" in the search box to bring up the field experience/observation application
  6. Complete the application online making sure you attach a program verification.
    1. Instructors often prepare a verification letter for their students.
    2. The following information is needed on the document: Your Name, Your Course Name and number, your professor's name and the semester.
    3. If you are observing in CCISD for multiple courses, please list the additional courses and professors on the same sheet.
    4. If you prefer, you may attach your course syllabus instead.
    5. The application will NOT submit without a course verification attachment.
  7. Submit the application online.
  8. You are expected to submit your application promptly.
  9. Please be aware that a name-based background check will be performed by CCISD HR. Background eligibility results are reported on a shared spreadsheet with the UHCL Center for Professional Development of Teachers.
  10. You must submit a new Field Experience Application with a new course verification each semester.