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Barbers Hill ISD


Barbers Hill ISD will not be accepting field experience students during the first six (6) weeks of school. 

  1. Barbers Hill ISD requires that instructors provide, on behalf of students, a Program Verification form.  This verification should be a recent Letter of Acceptance or Verification Letter of students’ participation in a university, college or ACP program and approved certification area. This letter must be on program letterhead and must have a signature from an authorized program representative.
  2. Field Experience Requests, course rosters, Program Verification and students’ completed Consent & Disclosure forms are to be submitted to CPDT.
  3. Human Resources notifies students of eligibility directly. 


  1. Print and complete a Consent & Disclosure form.
  2. Please print and complete the Barbers Hill ISD Student Observer/Student Teacher Authorization form.
  3. Once all forms are submitted and processed, you will receive an email when you have been approved to observe.
  4. Once approved, the student observer is responsible for scheduling observation time through each campus secretary. Do not contact the campuses prior to approval.
  5. If approved, the student must bring his or her driver’s license or state-issued identification on the day of the scheduled observation to have a visitor badge issued. ALL visitors in BHISD must wear a badge when visiting on any of our campuses. The student must check in at the front office upon arrival to and departure from the campus.
  6.  Student observers are to adhere to the Barbers Hill ISD dress code and other policies.