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Hazing Policy

Purpose: The University of Houston-Clear Lake ("University") is committed to maintaining an atmosphere of social and ethical responsibility. The University views responsible pre-initiation activity as a positive educational approach to preparation for student organization membership. This policy addresses hazing activity, which is antithetical to the University's commitment to a positive educational environment.

Participation in hazing activities is against the law. Violation of the University's hazing policy, whether on or off campus, may subject participants, including students and organizations, to arrests, prosecution and/or disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, suspension or expulsion of students and the revocation of an organization's registration and/or recognition at the University. Consent to acquiescence in hazing activity is not a defense.

The University strictly prohibits participation in hazing activities by any party, regardless of the existence of consent. Hazing activities do not contribute to the positive development or welfare of students. The University recognizes the act of hazing as illegal, irresponsible, intolerable and inconsistent with the principles of higher education and basic human development.

Accordingly, this policy strictly prohibits participation in hazing activities by all parties. This policy includes a summary of the provisions of the law as it relates to hazing.

To report an alleged incident involving hazing to the Dean of Students Office, please complete and submit a General Incident Reporting form

To anonymously report an alleged incident involving hazing to the UH System, please make a UH System Fraud & Non-Compliance Report

UHCL Hazing Policy Violation Report

Each institution of higher education in the State of Texas is required to publish or distribute a list of registered student organizations that have been disciplined or convicted for hazing violations on or off-campus during the previous three years.

In compliance with Texas Senate Bill 38, organizations found responsible for hazing will be listed in accordance with Texas Education Code, sections 37.151 (5) and (6).

Updated: As of August 1, 2023, there are no hazing violations or pending investigations on or off campus, within the previous three years.

UHCL Hazing Policy Violation Report
Organization Date Incident Occurred Date Institution Initiated Investigation General Description of Incident Violations of the Student Code of Conduct Findings Sanctions Date Institution's Disciplinary Process was Resolved