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Classroom Management

Classroom Management Resources

Students have the right to become angry, frustrated, and/or overwhelmed. They also have the right to communicate these frustrations in a respectful manner. However, from time to time, the level of appropriateness of said expression may cause one or more issues inside the classroom. Faculty have options and resources surrounding classroom management, as follows:

  • Redirect or Reframe at the moment of concern.
  • Ensure the student that you will address their concern(s) after class.
  • Invite the student to meet with you during established office hours.
  • Recess the class to attend to the issue immediately.
  • Ask the student to leave class for the day; call the UHCL Police Department (campus first responders) if the student refuses your directive. Alter the Dean of Students Office afterwards.
  • Close class for the day and contact the Dean of Students Office afterwards.
    • Be mindful that students may not be preventing from attending the next class.

The Dean of Students Office is not a first responder for student incidents. Oftentimes, student behavior can be addressed as 'teachable moments'. This may involve coaching, a resetting of expectations, and/or hands-on support for the student. Other times, the behavior may be one or more violations of the Code of Conduct. Our office provides consultation for faculty and staff, to help navigate student behavior, incidents, and/or concerns.