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Academic Honesty: Faculty Checklist

Alleged Violation 

When alleged violation of the Honesty Code is discovered, you, as the instructor, must first complete steps 1 - 4.

  1. Notify the student of the allegation (in-person, telephone or by email) and begin investigation of the allegation. The policy states that, “Faculty should immediately investigate the alleged violation."
  2. Set meeting date and time with student within 10 working days to discuss the alleged violation.
  3. Meet with the student and allow the student to present a defense in his or her own behalf.
  4. If you determine that no violation has occurred, the investigation ends and no sanction is imposed.

Violation Occurred

If you as the instructor determine that a violation has occurred, you must complete steps 1-5.

  1. Determine which of the following sanctions you will impose: Require the student to complete another assignment.
    • Assign a grade of “F” or zero on the assignment.
    • Assign a grade reduction on the assignment.
    • Assign a final grade penalty for the course.
    • Recommend greater sanctions**
  2. Document the violation and sanction on the Honesty Code Violation Form, which you and the student must sign.
    • Forward the original form to the Dean of Students within 10 working days of your initial notice of violation and sanction. Give a copy of the form the student and keep one for your records>.
    • If the student is non-degree objective (NDO) student, forward a copy to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.
    • The form is available online and in the offices of the faculty chairs, associate deans, AVP of Student Services, and the Dean of Students.
  3. Advise the student that the charge/faculty sanction may be appealed to the Academic Honesty Council, and that to appeal, the student must contact the Dean of Students by letter within 10 working days of receiving your initial notice of violation and sanction. If the student accepts the penalty and chooses not to appeal through the Dean of Student’s office, the matter is considered closed unless the student has previously been charged with academic dishonesty.
  4. Inform the student that, in addition to the academic sanction from you as the instructor, the student may also be subject to other disciplinary actions. Such actions may be imposed by the Dean of Students if evidence exists of repeated violations of the Honesty Code.
  5. In the event a case of academic dishonesty is not resolved prior to the deadline for reporting final grades to the registrar, assign a grade Incomplete (“I’) until the appropriate grade can be determined.

Imposing Greater Sanctions

** If you as the instructor determine that a greater sanction (i.e. probation, suspension or expulsion) should be imposed or if you have previously sanctioned that same student, the situation becomes one of a major offense and must be referred to the Dean of Students within 10 working days to initiate a formal hearing before the Academic Honesty Council.

For more detailed information regarding the Academic Honesty Policy or Procedures, see the Student Policies Handbook or Faculty Handbook.