Interactive Video Distance Learning (IVDL)

Two Interactive Video Distance Learning (IVDL) classrooms located in STEM 2101 and Pearland HSCB 104 are based on Cisco TelePresence SX80 high definition video systems. The system provides real-time, two-way audio and video communication, enabling an instructor to communicate with learners at both sites and enabling all students to communicate with one another and the instructor.

How It Works

The IVDL classrooms are designed with three HD cameras, two are located in the front for students and one in the back for Instructor for delivering video. The IVDL classrooms are wired for sound and image transmission on multiple student seats with push-button microphones. When a student pushes the microphone button, they appear on two LCD screens, and the content shown on the center screen. The instructor camera is built with a wide area auto-tracking feature system. This feature enables instructors to move around in the classroom while being continuously tracked by the remote location students.  These rooms have two operational modes (Presentation and Video Conference), selected from the Touch Panel at startup.

  • Presentation mode – the mode to select when teaching a standard class.
  • Video Conference mode – the mode to use for IVDL connection to another location or “far site” along with teaching a standard class.


The video clip below provides a quick start guide:


Guidelines For Scheduling Classes

The primary use of these facilities is to connect the campuses for academic classes.  These rooms are available for scheduling any course offered by any academic department that requires the use of IVDL between Clear Lake and Pearland campuses regularly. Because of the special nature of these rooms, initial consultations/training may apply. If you are planning to incorporate distance learning in your class, OIT is available upon request to train faculty, students, and staff on the operation of the IVDL equipment. To schedule a training session, please contact OIT Support Center at or 281-283-2828.

Before scheduling the IVDL classroom, run a demo session with the locations to make sure that the equipment is adequate for your course. To arrange a system demonstration, please contact OIT Support Center at or  281-283-2828.

For an academic course, the instructor is responsible for contacting their college/department scheduler to schedule these IVDL rooms (STEM-2101 and Pearland HSCB-104). To schedule an event or a nonacademic class, please contact the scheduling department at or 281-283-2200.

Contact Information

Please contact OIT Support Center at or 281-283-2828.