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Classroom Technology

All general-purpose Technology Enhanced Classroom (TEC), as listed, is equipped with the 
following standard technologies:

  • Classroom Control System
  • Projector and Projection screens
  • Instructor Computer (PC)
  • Audio Systems and Speakers
  • A/V Interface: HDMI, VGA (USB-C in some rooms)
  • Document Camera
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera
  • Ceiling-Mounted Microphone
  • Lecture Capture
  • Personal Device Connections

All UHCL classrooms can Live-stream lectures via Zoom or MS Teams using a computer at the instructor's podium. Also, the rooms are equipped with a lecture recording system.

The technology in classrooms is self-service and easy to use. Instructions for using the equipment in the room are available at or near the podium in all classrooms.

Please note that as information and updates are made, the details found on this page may change. For this reason, do not print out this information. Personal devices such as tablets and smartphones require special adapters to utilize the connections. The OIT Support Center has adapters for Apple devices available for checkout. The user will need to provide adapters for any other brand/model of the device.

Please contact the OIT Support Center at if you have any questions.