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Kathleen Garland

Kathleen Garland, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer,
College of Business

Contact number: 281-283-3249
Office: Bayou Building, Suite 3121


Dr. Garland received her Ph.D. in Geology from Penn State University in 1989. Prior to joining UHCL in 2005, she worked as an offshore oil and gas development geologist for Chevron, USA in New Orleans as a remediation project. She also worked as a program manager for the New Mexico Environment Department; director of the Mining and Minerals Division, New Mexico Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Dept.; senior scientist for Environet, Inc.; and as sole proprietor of her own environmental and management consulting practice. She is currently a senior lecturer for the Environmental Management program in the College of Business at University of Houston-Clear Lake.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Garland's areas of expertise include: community sustainability and resilience in the face of coastal storms, sea level rise, and population growth; environmental project management and consulting; soil and groundwater remediation; mine regulation and reclamation; and NEPA and CERCLA environmental assessment regulations and protocols.


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  • Schmidt, Deanna, and Garland, K.A.. Public-Private-Nonprofit Partnerships for Resilience. HazNet: The Magazine of the Canadian Risks and Hazards Network, 2015 7(2), p. 18-19.
  • Schmidt, Deanna, and Garland, K.A.. “Bone Dry in Texas: Resilience to Drought on the Upper Texas Gulf Coast.” Journal of Planning Literature, 2012 27(4), p. 434-435.

Courses (Current Academic Year)

  • Foundations of Environmental Management
  • Intro to Pollution Control Technology
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Managing Contaminated Sites
  • Oil and Hazardous Materials Spills
  • Environmental Risk Management
  • Environmental Practices Seminar
  • Foundations of Sustainability
  • Coastal Resilience

Research Projects

Dr. Garland's research centers around coastal community resilience on the Upper Texas Coast: how communities respond to and recover from coastal storms, how ecosystems contribute to community resilience, how federal and state regulations impact community recovery, and how communities can become more resilience in the face of climate change and population growth on the coast.

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Distinguished Lecturer, UHCL, 2015