Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UHCL Internship Program?

The University of Houston-Clear Lake's Healthcare Administration Program provides both undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to spend time at a healthcare organization to perform administrative tasks in preparation for future leadership positions. The internship program runs every semester and students usually receive course credit for their internship experience. While the Healthcare Administration Program often offers internship opportunities, the ultimate responsibility of finding an internship rests with the student.

What are the objectives of the internship?

  • To gain an understanding of the different areas of administration in a healthcare setting and the pertinent skills needed to be successful in that setting.
  • To demonstrate the ability to clearly, concisely and accurately convey information and ideas through oral and written presentations.
  • To develop and strengthen professional relationships.

How are students informed about internship opportunities?

Internship opportunities are sent to all the students in the UHCL Healthcare Administration Program via their university email. If you are not receiving these emails, you should verify that your email address is in the list. Students can forward their UHCL email to other personal email addresses. Students interested in the specific internship should send their resumes in response to the announcement.

Are interns reimbursed during the duration of the internship?

Most internships are unpaid. However, depending on the organization, students may be reimbursed. Some summer internships are paid.

Is a cover letter required with the resumes?

No, do not send a cover letter with your resume unless specifically requested.

How are students selected for specific internship opportunities?

Students submit their resumes to Dr. Ayadi, which are forwarded to the faculty for ranking on a scale of 1-5. Ranking is based on academic performance, professionalism, maturity, integrity, and ethical behavior.

Who is eligible for an internship?

  • Student must have been enrolled in the HADM Program for at least one semester prior to applying for an internship. International students must have been in lawful status as a full-time student for one full academic year one year prior to doing an internship
  • Students should have their resume reviewed by UHCL Career Services. Unacceptable resumes will be deleted.
  • Students are eligible for one internship only, through the HADM program. This is in order to give other students an opportunity. A student may seek other internship through their own effort in subsequent semesters.
  • International students need to check with their international advisor for additional eligibility requirements

How does a student's resume get sent to the organization?

Resumes of top-ranked 3-5 students are forwarded to the organizations, who will contact and interview students of their choice. Employers will select and interview students from the pool of resumes sent to them.

Why was my resume not selected to be sent forward to the healthcare organization?

Only the top 3-5 resumes are forwarded to the healthcare organization with an internship opportunity. If your resume has not been reviewed by UHCL Career Services, it will be removed from consideration. Also, if you have already completed an internship through the HADM Program, you will not be eligible for further opportunities through the University. However, you can find internship through your own effort in the subsequent semesters.

Why don't I know the organization requesting the intern?

The internship positions are blinded deliberately until students' resumes have been reviewed and ranked by the faculty. Top ranked resumes are sent to the employers, who will contact the students directly. It is at this time that the student will be informed of the organization.

Are there other ways to find internship opportunities?

Students can, and are encouraged to find internships on their own. However, if the student wishes to obtain course credit for the internship, they will need to fill out the necessary forms before getting enrolled.

What if I find an internship opportunity on my own?

Students are encouraged to seek internship opportunities on their own through networking with other students or among other healthcare administrators' networks. Once the internship has been secured, the student should contact Dr. Ayadi for the necessary documents to be signed before being enrolled for the course.

What if I accept an internship opportunity and then I get offered another internship which aligns more with my goals? Can I reject the first offer, and if so, are there any consequences for doing so?

Once an internship offer has been accepted and internship forms signed, students are not allowed to then reject the first offer in favor of the second offer. Doing so may affect the relationship between the school and these organizations and further jeopardize future opportunities for other students. See Dr. Ayadi for further discussions if such a situation arises.

I have already taken internship for course credit in a previous semester. I found another one this semester that I want to do, but will not enroll for course credit. Is this OK?

Students who elect to do an internship with a healthcare organization but are not signing up for course credit need to formally notify the program via Dr. Ayadi. Even though the student is not signing up for credit, they are expected to adhere strictly to the code of conduct of the University and the Healthcare Administration Program.

I hold a full-time job and cannot do an internship at another organization during regular work hours. Can I do an internship at the weekends?

Employers want interns to work during regular business hours when most administrative tasks are performed. A student may be able to find an internship that allow for more flexible arrangements.

I hold a full-time job and cannot do an internship at another organization during regular work hours. Can I do an internship at my current place of employment?

There are additional requirements for a student who wishes to do an internship at their current place of employment:

  • The internship project/assignment cannot be similar or related to the student's current employment. The student will need to submit a document outlining their current job duties, as well as outlining the projects and duties for the proposed internship.
  • The student's preceptor during the internship cannot be their current supervisor on the job.
  • The internship cannot be done during the hours that the student is being paid for their regular job. The student will need to maintain a time-sheet that details the internship hours which are separate from their regular work hours. This time sheet is to be submitted at the end of the course with all other deliverables for the class.
  • The student's current supervisor should send an email to Dr. Ayadi confirming all the additional requirements.

Under what circumstances should I not apply for internship?

You should not apply for an internship in your first semester of the program. Also, If the internship has specific requirements, do not apply if you do not meet the requirements. Being a quick learner does not substitute the lack of experience.

Can the student obtain course credit for an internship?

Yes, students can obtain course credit and take internship as a class upon meeting certain requirements.

What requirements need to be met to enroll for course credit for the internship?

What forms do I need to fill out in order to be enrolled for the internship course?

Where do I get the Affiliation Agreement form and the Options form?

The forms are available on this webpage. Contact Dr. Ayadi if you have additional questions.

What requirements are to be met in order to obtain a grade for the internship class?

  • Students must complete a minimum of 144 hours on site
  • Write a reflective journal
  • Write a 3-5 page project executive summary
  • Have a preceptor evaluation completed at the end of the internship

Who is the instructor on record for the internship class?

Dr. M. Femi Ayadi coordinates the internship class and is the instructor of record.


Phone: 281-212-1712

Is it OK if I send in my resume once at the beginning of the semester for all internship opportunities that may come up that semester?

No. You must submit your resume each time there is an email sent out in response to that specific internship in order to be considered for it.

Are there any requirements for the format of the resume?

  • File Format: Do not send a .docx file of your resume. Please use the Word 97-2003 version. Some of the employers are unable to open .docx files, thereby eliminating your chances of being called for an interview.
  • Save your resume with a name that identifies you. E.G. JohnGreenResume.doc
  • Send your resume through UHCL email, so that it will not get caught in university spam catcher and get lost.
  • Review of Resume: Resumes have to be reviewed by the UHCL Career Services to be considered for internships.

Are there additional requirements for international students doing an internship for credit?

International students must contact their international advisor PRIOR to applying for internships. International students are not able to do an internship until after their first academic year. International students need to also complete the paperwork related to CPT. You need to contact your international advisor for more information on CPT.

How do I enroll for the internship program?

Students CANNOT enroll for the internship course by themselves as they do other classes. Once all the forms are signed and submitted, the registrar's office will enroll you. You should then see the course under your list of courses in Blackboard.

When do I need to turn in my assignments for the course?

You need to turn in your deliverables by the due date specified in the course syllabus for the internship course that semester.

How many internships can I do during the course of my degree program?

  • Students need to contact Ms. Sarah Rose Ali on how many internship courses they can take for course credit based on their degree plan.
  • Students can apply for internship opportunities through the Healthcare Administration program. Once they have done an internship through the program, they are no longer eligible for another internship opportunity via the program process. This is to provide opportunities for other students who have not yet secured internships. Students can seek other internship opportunities on their own. However, the program needs to be notified if a student does internships at any healthcare organization, even if they are not enrolled for course credit.

I have two internship opportunities this semester. My degree course allows me to take up to two internships for credit. Can I register for both internships this semester?

No. You are not able to register for the same course twice in the same semester. Students who are eligible to take more than one internship course for credit will need to do so in two different semesters.


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