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Healthcare Administration Internship

The University of Houston-Clear Lake's Healthcare Administration Internship program provides both undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to spend time at a healthcare organization to perform administrative tasks in preparation for future leadership positions. The Internship course aims to provide students with the hands-on, practical experience to enhance students' classroom knowledge. While the course is done predominately off campus at a healthcare organization, there is a MANDATORY, face-to-face meeting each semester at the TMC campus. Below is an example of the course syllabus to give you an idea of the requirements for the course. The course syllabus can be revised at the discretion of the instructor. A final syllabus, along with details of the face-to-face meeting, will be available in Black Board once the student is enrolled for the course.

Download Sample Syllabus


Femi Ayadi

Femi Ayadi, Ph.D.

Professor of Healthcare Administration,
College of Business

Contact number: 281-212-1712
Office: 6624 Fannin St., 14th Floor, Houston, TX 77030



  • Healthcare Administration Internship

    Phone: 281-212-1712

    6624 Fannin St.
    14th Floor
    Houston, TX 77030