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CLASP Speaker Series

CLASP is an outreach initiative of University of Houston-Clear Lake created to encourage life-long learning through free monthly presentations that involve and engage community members of all ages in a wide variety of topics. These presentations are open to the public. For events at UHCL, free parking is available in the Visitors Lot. Speakers, presentations and locations are subject to change. 

Strengthening Equity in Healthcare

Guest Speakers: Robert Manning RN, retired Clinical Nurse Case Manager at Thomas Street Health Center and board member for the Houston-Gulf Coast Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, Pete Rodriguez RN, retired Director of Thomas Street Health Center, and Petria Ellis LCSW, currently employed at Thomas Street Health Center
Date: September 9, 2021
Time: 5:30 p.m CST
Online via Zoom and In-Person at the Bayou Building, Garden Room

Topic of Discussion

Despite advances in healthcare, there are still disparities in equitable access to and receipt of care and treatment for diverse groups of people. Robert Manning, Pete Rodriguez, and Petria Ellis will each present personal cases which demonstrate what it means to be a culturally competent healthcare professional. Additionally, insights will also be shared on what healthcare professionals can do to continuously demonstrate their commitment to health equity.

Unifying and Strengthening a Culture of Sustainability

Guest speaker: Dr. Megan Topham, Executive Director, Institute for Human and Planetary Sustainability (IHAPS)
Date: October 7, 2021 
Time: 2:00 p.m. CST
Online via Zoom

Topic of Discussion

Sustainability means more than preserving the environment; it also involves creating innovative solutions that positively impact the economy, education, and social needs. UH-Clear Lake recognizes that sustainability requires education, collaboration, and a long-term vision in order to make a difference for future generations. IHAPS aims to unite our vision of sustainability at UHCL, support an interdisciplinary approach to sustainability curriculum and research, optimize and preserve our campus resources, and create learning opportunities for everyone at UHCL. Join us to share your thoughts on sustainability, find out more about the vision of the IHAPS, and learn how you can contribute.

Fostering Resiliency in Banking

Guest speaker: Kenny Koncaba ('90 BA), CEO of Texan Bank, and Co-Founder, Director, and CEO of Friendswood Capital Corporation
Date: November 4, 2021
Time: 2:00 p.m. CST
Online via Zoom and In-Person at the Bayou Building, Forest Room

Topic of Discussion

Global and national disasters like the Great Recession, Hurricane Harvey, and the COVID-19 pandemic can have devastating effects on the health of the banking industry, which impact our everyday lives. Learn how Texan Bank is tackling these challenges to continue supporting the community from UHCL Distinguished Alumnus Kenny Koncaba ('90 BA), CEO of Texan Bank, and Co-Founder, Director, and CEO of Friendswood Capital Corporation.