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Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led education abroad programs offer students an international experience with UHCL faculty members. These programs encompass UHCL courses taught abroad, enhanced by the location, excursions and cultural activities. They provide UHCL students an opportunity to work with a UHCL faculty member in a specific discipline and country.

Profs McMullen and Woldu in Nairobi
Professors Mike McMullen and Dawit Woldu visit United States International University in Nairobi.

UHCL's Education Abroad program ensures that faculty-led programs are academically rigorous, financially accessible, and integrated with courses of study. OIAP provides administrative support for UHCL faculty to teach UHCL coursework abroad through faculty-led study abroad programs. We are particularly interested in programs that:

  • Engage students with faculty research and areas of expertise.
  • Offer cross-college collaborations, blended classrooms, and service or internship opportunities.
  • Will be offered on a continuous basis and led by multiple faculty within the department.
  • Align with the UHCL’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative.
  • Thoughtfully serve students and disciplines underrepresented in the study abroad community.
  • Foster relationships with institutions overseas and expand study abroad opportunities for UHCL students in a broad range of academic disciplines.

Why Lead an Education Abroad Program?

While UHCL students have a variety of study abroad options available to them from third party providers, UHCL faculty-led education abroad programs provide students with a unique opportunity. These programs offer students an international experience with UHCL faculty while enrolled in UHCL courses.

Excursions, field experience, and cultural activities are built into the program, leveraging the location to enhance learning. Many provide opportunities for students to visit non-English speaking countries while doing their coursework in English. Class sizes are small allowing for an intimate learning environment. Faculty can share their knowledge and interest of another country and culture while at the same time work closely with students, helping shape their experience both in and out of the classroom through meaningful engagement abroad. UHCL is committed to creating a global campus.

If you're a faculty member who would like to initiate a faculty-led education abroad program, you must first submit a proposal and have it approved by your college dean and OIAP. You must also review the Faculty-Led Education Abroad Program Proposal for detailed information on the review process, criteria and timelines.

How to Submit a Proposal

Complete and submit an online proposal form by the deadlines listed below:

Semester Deadline
Spring semester & December/January winter break April 1
Fall and summer semesters Oct. 31

Eligibility: Full-time faculty and lecturers are eligible to submit a Faculty-Led Education Abroad Program Proposal. This form must include departmental signatures. 

Proposal Workshops: Faculty and lecturers are encouraged to attend a faculty-led program proposal workshop, co-facilitated by The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) and Education Abroad. The date and location of the next workshop will be determined soon.

Proposal Review Process & Timelines:

  1. Faculty-led program proposals must be reviewed and approved by the faculty’s department chair and college dean.
  2. Proposal is then submitted to OIAP for review and final approval.

Education Abroad will review proposals based on affordability, marketability, sustainability and risk management. During the review process, Education Abroad may request a meeting to resolve any questions they have about the proposal.

Steps to Creating a Faculty-Led Program


  • Discuss the concept for your program with your department chair. Get their support and permission to teach off campus.
  • Discuss your teaching load and compensation options.
  • Review the Education Abroad website and manuals.
  • onsult the Forum on Education Abroad’s Standards of Good Practice to learn about programming best practices.
  • Attend an info session to discuss your concept or schedule a meeting with OIAP.

Gather Information

  • Set up meetings with your departmental administrator and academic adviser to gather information you will need to fill out the proposal and the spending plan. We strongly recommend that you use a Sample Budget Sheet to gather this information. Submitting a proposal with inaccurate information will delay the review of this program.

Before submitting a proposal, faculty should be prepared to:

  • Submit proposed program itinerary.
  • Submit a Budget Sheet.
  • Confirm the program location is not listed with a "Do Not Travel" red advisory on the Department of State Travel Warning List.
  • Confirm the program is not a duplication of an existing UHCL program.

Past UHCL Faculty-Led Programs


The Facultad de Artes Plastica at Universidad Veracruzana in Xalapa, Mexico, has collaborated with UHCL Arts Program for more than 15 years. Their extensive arts programming in creative and artistic work is outstanding and this opportunity is a valuable academic and artistic experience. UHCL students engage and collaborate with the arts faculty and students in Xalapa in drawing, printmaking, photography, graphics and gallery arts administration.


Greek Art: Landscape, Monuments and Memory. In conjunction with the UH Honors College, UHCL students participated in a thirteen-day study program in Greece. Open to all students, levels and majors, this trip will include visits to museums, archaeological sites and cultural sites, as well as lectures and workshops relating to Greek history and culture.

  Sociology of London. The College of Human Science and Humanities sponsored an eleven-day study abroad program in London. The city of London is one of the world’s most dynamic global cities with a history that dates to Roman times. The experience will provide an introduction to the discipline of urban sociology.

Faculty FAQs 

When is the deadline to submit my complete faculty-led study abroad proposal?
April 1 for the spring semester & December/January winter break, and Oct. 31 for the fall and summer.

Do reoccurring programs require a faculty-led study abroad proposal?
Yes, however, only certain sections are required to be submitted along with the budget sheet.

Can I propose a new course?
Yes, if approved by Department Chair and Dean of College. You should have a syllabus available for review and approval.

Can I offer a course that my department already offers during the academic year as a study abroad course?
Yes. However, we encourage you to discuss how offering this course(s) in may impact enrollments in the same course offered during the regular academic year. 

What criteria are used to review proposals?
Education Abroad will review proposals for affordability, marketing and enrollment management, sustainability, as well as risk management. A full list of criteria can be found in the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Proposal.

Will teaching a study abroad course over the summer affect my teaching load during the academic year?
Please contact your department. 

I am proposing or was approved for a program that is currently on the U.S. Department of State travel warning list or has a travel advisory (i.e. Centers for Disease Control health warning). Is extra documentation required for these programs?
Yes, all faculty must receive additional approval to travel in these regions. Also, an emergency plan must be in place prior to approval. 

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