Faculty Research Support Funds

All faculty members are invited to submit research proposals for the Faculty Research Support Funds (FRSF) competition by 5 p.m. on the following FY19 funding cycle dates:

  • September 17, 2018 (Monday)
  • March 15, 2019 (Friday)

FRSF Funding Notes

  • Faculty salaries for summer and academic semesters are NOT currently being funded.
  • Research travel budgets must reflect the State of Texas or US General Services Administration approved rates for meal/lodging per diem.
  • The maximum FRSF proposal funding ranges from $5,000 - $6,000.
  • Refer to the FRSF Policies and Procedures for FRSF funding information.
  • Complete the FRSF Proposal Cover Page and include with your proposal.
  • Review the Hints for FRSF Proposals and the FRSF Tips and Suggestions for great tips and information to include.

FRSF Policy

FRSF Process

1. Request Dean's Support 

  • Send one email, with the completed FRSF proposal, all proposal materials and CV attached, to the dean of the faculty member's college requesting project support.
  • Allow the dean ample time to review the proposal and materials. The dean may have alternate/earlier deadlines in place for reviewing FRSF proposals so please contact your dean's office for more information.
  • Copy the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), sponsoredprograms@uhcl.edu, on this email. (A copy to the dean's administrative assistant is also strongly advised.)

2. Completed Submission

  • The dean's support email should be sent to OSP, sponsoredprograms@uhcl.edu, by 5 p.m. on the last day of the FRSF cycle.
  • The dean's support will be electronically acknowledged by OSP.
  • The submission process is now complete!

3. Proposals to Committee

  • OSP will send the proposal, CV, and dean's support to the FRSF committee member for review and consideration.

The FRSF committee will meet after that cycle's deadline to discuss all proposals. Faculty proposers will be notified after that cycle's FRSF committee meeting of their proposal's status via email from the Office of Sponsored Programs with a copy to their college's dean.

Final Report Reminder: A final report from a previous award(s) must be received by OSP and all previous awards reconciled before a new FRSF proposal is eligible for review. UHCL Policy states that final reports are due 90 days from the end date of a FRSF award.

  • Sponsored Programs

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    Fax: 281-283-2143

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