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Faculty Research Support Funds

All University of Houston-Clear Lake faculty members are invited to submit research proposals for the Faculty Research Support Funds (FRSF) spring and fall competitions. The following are submission deadlines for Fiscal Year 2023 competitions: 

  • Fall 2022 - 5 p.m., Thursday, September 15, 2022
  • Spring 2023 - 5 p.m., Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The spring date is subject to change once 2022-2023 Academic Calendar is published.

Below is a list of projects funded by FRSF during the past two competition cycles:

Fall 2021

Faculty Investigator College Project Title
Xiaokun Yang, Ph.D. College of Science & Engineering FPGA Design and Verification on Neural Networks
Clay Leonard, M.F.A. College of Human Sciences & Humanities Research and Creation of a New Body of Artwork for National Exhibition, "Bare Essentials" at prestigious Lodge Clay Center Gallery, May 6-28, 2022
Barbara Hales, Ph.D. College of Human Sciences & Humanities Women and "Euthanasia" in the Third Reich:  The Eglfing-Haar Asylum and Ich klag an (1947)
Dervis Demirocak, Ph.D. College of Science & Engineering The Effect of Thermal Performance Degradation of Windows on Building Energy Use
Ariful Bhuiyan, Ph.D. College of Science & Engineering The Whole Body Vibration Effect of 3D Printed Bio-medical Devices in Lumber Interbody Fusion Application
Michael LaMontagne, Ph.D. College of Science & Engineering Tracking the Source of Microbial Contamination of Western Galveston Bay
Xiaojun "Gene" Shan, Ph.D. College of Science & Engineering Identification and Prioritization of Factors Associated with Health Workforce Resilience with Analytic Hierarchy Process

Spring 2022

Faculty Investigator College Project Title
Jeremy Piercy, Ph.D. College of Human Sciences & Humanities Social Networks in Early English Charters
Kewei Sha, Ph.D. College of Science & Engineering An Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Supported Training System for Autism Kids
Charuksha Walgama, Ph.D. College of Science & Engineering Optimization of an Electrochemical Detection Strategy for Novel Point-of-care Biosensor Platforms
Dongmin Sun, Ph.D. College of Science & Engineering Impact of Climate and Human Activity on the Long-Term Streamflow Evolution in Brazos River
Kazi Md Masum Billah, Ph.D. College of Science & Engineering 3D Printed Molds for Fiber-reinforced Composite Manufacturing
Serkan Caliskan, Ph.D. College of Science & Engineering Tailoring the Band Gap and Spin Polarized Transport Through Graphene-Like Materials
Tessa Kritikos, Ph.D. College of Human Sciences & Humanities Development of the MAGICC Support Group for Youth with Spina Bifida
Erik Reinbergs, Ph.D. College of Human Sciences & Humanities Developing a Measure of Perceived Suicide Stigma:  A Modern Psychometric Approach augmented by Lived Experience Insights
Tej Limbu, Ph.D. College of Science & Engineering Surface-Engineered Mxenes for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Detection of Molecules
Cengiz Sisman, Ph.D. College of Human Sciences & Humanities Early American and the Middle Eastern Encounters:  Protestant Missionaries among the Ottoman Religious Minorities in the Nineteenth Century

Thank you to all who participated in the competition and congratulations to those whose projects received funding.

FRSF Funding Notes

  • Review the FRSF Workshop PowerPoint, "Preparing a Competitive FRSF Proposal".
  • Faculty salaries for summer and academic semesters are NOT currently being funded.
  • Research travel budgets must reflect the State of Texas or US General Services Administration approved rates for meal/lodging per diem.
  • Refer to the FRSF Policy for FRSF funding information.  (NOTE:  At the high end, FRSF awards fall within the $5,000 to $6,000 range.)
  • Proposals including a request for funding for student research assistant(s) should be consistent with Human Resources guidelines for compensation of student research workers/research assistants at Student Worker/Researcher HR Salary Guidelines.  Proposals requesting funding for student research assistants in an amount below Human Resources' currently published guidelines will be returned for budget revision prior to review.
  • Complete the FRSF Proposal Cover Page and include with your proposal. Only those submissions accompanied by the current FRSF Cover Page will be accepted for review.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  All investigators must have a completed, signed current fiscal year Conflict of Interest for Investigators form on file with the Office of Sponsored Programs in order to be considered  for an FRSF award.

FRSF Process

1. Prepare your Proposal Submission Packet

Gather all required materials and save as one PDF, with documents placed in the following order (refer to FRSF Policy, section 4): 

  • FRSF Cover Page
  • Purpose and Objectives of Proposed Request
  • Background and Hypothesis
  • Significance of the Request
  • Procedures/General Work Plan/Methodology
  • Duration of Request/Time Frame
  • Equipment/Facilities
  • Dissemination/Use of Results and Project Sustainability
  • Budget Summary
  • Budget Justification
  • Cost Share Support from Program/College
  • Appended Materials
  • Curriculum Vitae/Biosketch

2. Request Dean's Support 

  • Send one email, with the completed FRSF proposal submission packet (see above) to the dean of the faculty member's college requesting project support.
  • Allow the dean ample time to review the proposal and materials. The dean may have alternate/earlier deadlines in place for reviewing FRSF proposals so please contact your dean's office for more information.
  • Copy the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP),, on this email. (A copy to the dean's administrative assistant is also strongly advised.)

3. Completed Submission

  • The dean's support email should be sent to OSP,, by 5 p.m. on the last day of the FRSF cycle.
  • The dean's support will be electronically acknowledged by OSP.
  • The submission process is now complete!

4. Proposal Review

  • OSP will send the proposal, CV, and dean's support to the FRSF committee member for review and consideration.
  • FRSF committee members will review and rate the proposal using the FRSF Review Form.
  • The committee will meet after the deadline to discuss the proposals and make funding recommendations to the provost.
  • Faculty will be emailed about their proposal's status after the committee meeting and will receive copies of the reviewer ratings/comment forms.

Final Report Reminder:

Recipients of Faculty Research and Support Funds must submit a final report in electronic form to the Executive Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs 90 days after the project is completed or one year after the project is funded, whichever is sooner.

The report should acknowledge that the project was funded by the Faculty Research and Support Funds.  The report may be brief, should summarize accomplishments of the project and may optionally take the form of a scholarly article, scholarly conference paper, or grant proposal connected with the FRSF project.

The final report must be submitted before further FRSF funding will be considered.


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