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Space Planning Process

Scheduling and Space Planning's (SSP) purpose is to coordinate a multi-departmental effort to maintain an accurate inventory of UHCL facilities and provide a reliable reporting system. This enhancement will generate data updates for required reports and serve administration in an effort of successful space planning. 

Facilities Space Reporting Overview

University of Houston-Clear Lake follows the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) for managing the university facilities for terms and definition, which includes specific coding structure.  THECB requires we account for the use of our space.

FMC submits facilities inventory reports (CBM014, the building inventory report and CBM 011, the room inventory report).

  • The Building Report: Collects and submits data regarding facilities under the authority or control of the institutions' governing board, regardless of location, and involves different types of structures.
  • The Room Inventory Report: Collects and submits data regarding types of spaces within a building and its intended design function.
  • There is a third report (CBM 005) that goes along with the building/room report reflecting building/room assignments and class schedule as of the 12th class day of the fall semester only. (CBM005 report is submitted by Institutional Research)

UHCL certifies the facilities inventory each year in a submission to the THECB.  With the implemented guidelines set forth by this document, it will validate accuracy of facilities inventory information.

Roles and Responsibilities

This document details UHCL processes and procedures for maintaining a comprehensive and accurate space system. These processes include an annual space analysis for collecting facilities inventory data and providing this information to various university constituents for internal and external reporting and analysis.

SSP will coordinate the Annual Space Survey and oversee the Space Update processes to ensure all space is accounted for and correctly classified.

The Associate VP Facilities Management and Construction, has the overall responsibility for the accuracy of the space information across all of the university’s space. This includes ensuring that the Annual Space Survey process is followed in a timely and efficient manner and that the data contained within the reporting systems are accurate, up to date and readily available to all participants. The Scheduling Assistant will provide any necessary assistance throughout the year to the various participants in helping to properly classify space. This includes necessary training as needed.

UHCL Facilities Inventory

The office of Space Planning/Scheduling will provide yearly reports of the current inventory listed under the specific department leadership. In return the leader will delegate an individual or individuals (Space Representative) for accurate physical inventory audits of the space. The individual should be a staff or faculty and must ascertain the facts of the intended and primary space. The data associated with the inventory must be accurate at the time of the report, and must be approved and signed by the individual(s) and the Dean/Senior Leadership for final submission. This does not replace space audits performed by the Scheduling Assistant throughout the year. Space audits will be conducted on a regular basis to review utilization; and on an as needed basis, for specific requests and projects.

Space Representatives

These representatives will be the main contact for the university senior administration relating to space. The person/persons will have direct responsibility for working with faculty and staff in recognizing and reporting changes of space in their department, submitting the FMC Space Update Form, and being the primary liaison with Scheduling and Space Planning during the Annual Space Surveys.

FMC Space Update Form

Immediately, it is the responsibility of each department, college, or unit to inform the Scheduling Office in writing of any space change taken place for proper documentation of records.

The space update form must be submitted before the change of use or modification to the space is performed. These changes will be submitted to the Scheduling Office, X2200. The cooperation of the department or unit is required. Failure to do so will result in inaccurate data reporting.

UHCL Instructional Facilities Inventory

The instructional facilities at UHCL should meet the criterion level of classroom utilization and station occupancy mandate.

All general use classrooms and labs are assigned under the Vice President of Academic Affairs because this is where the final space use and renovation is settled. The Scheduling Assistant is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date inventory of all general use classrooms.

Laboratories/Research space used for specific purposes or with special equipment have been assigned to the department who owns the equipment and has key access. If a School, College and/or department change any lab space belonging to the specific area they must complete the Space Update Form and submit it to the Scheduling Office.