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Please Don't Be Exceptional!

The Business Operations unit follows the University of Houston purchasing policies and guidelines to ensure that we are in full compliance with any regulatory rules, internal control procedures, and best practices that drive intelligently planned cost savings and product/service quality.


We have provided procurement training materials on our web page under Tools and will add travel guidance soon.

Therefore, we are tracking purchasing exceptions with a goal of moving us forward to zero. Exceptions are departmental requests for approval when the standard process has not been followed, for any reason.

Before Making a Purchase

If you have any questions about how to make your purchase, please call us for guidance before you shop at 281-283-2135.

Exceptions for January - June 2022

Type of Purchase Request Reason
Database Staff turnover, no follow through
Promotional products Staff turnover, no follow through
IT ancillary equipment Lack of training
Travel – last minute Lack of planning
Conference Lack of planning
Contract No contract before services provided
Furniture Turnover, no pre-approval requisition
(3) Travel exceptions Lack of planning
(7) Food exceptions Lack of planning, no contract in place, no waiver obtained
(3) Performer/consultants No contract before services provided
Improper Vendor Payment By P-Card
Amazon Purchase Audit finding
Gift Cards Purchased, not reimbursed



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