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Sexual Misconduct Reporting

Sexual misconduct may be reported online, in-person or over the phone. Unless you are a "responsible employee," you may elect to make this report anonymously. However, this will inhibit our ability to follow up if additional information is needed to appropriately assess and address the concern. 

A "responsible employee" is a university employee who has the duty to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the Title IX coordinator or other appropriate designee, or an employee whom an individual could reasonably believe has this duty. Responsible employees may not report sexual misconduct anonymously. Responsible employees include all administrators, faculty, supervisory staff, resident life coordinators and graduate teaching assistants, except any employee with confidentiality obligations as defined in Section 8.7 of the Sexual Misconduct Policy (PDF).

Online Reporting

If you have a concern regarding sexual misconduct and want to report it to the Title IX coordinator and/or request follow up, please complete the Title IX - Report Sexual Misconduct form linked below.

Title IX Report Form

In Person Reporting

Employees, students and visitors to campus with questions and/or complaints regarding discrimination or sexual misconduct (such as sexual violence) under Title IX may contact the Title IX coordinator in person in the Bayou Building, Room B2323.

Reporting by Phone

Sexual misconduct may be reported anonymously through the Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline at 1-866-843-4379.

For your protection, this web page is hosted on ClearView Connects secure servers and is not part of the University of Houston System web site or intranet, so that incidents may be anonymously reported to the University of Houston System.

What Happens When a Sexual Misconduct Report Is Made?

UHCL's response to a report of sexual misconduct is largely driven by the wishes and preferences of the person affected by the sexual misconduct (the "reporting party"), to the extent consistent with the university's commitment to protecting the broader welfare of the university community. It is important to note that the information provided below relates only to UHCL's internal response to any report of sexual misconduct.

A reporting party may choose to pursue resolution through civil and/or criminal processes in addition to or instead of pursuing the university's internal process. The Office of Title IX and Equal Opportunity Services will gladly assist a reporting party in reporting sexual misconduct to University of Houston-Clear Lake or external law enforcement, if the reporting party wishes to do so. The Office of Title IX and Equal Opportunity Services will always make a keep a report.