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UHCL receives groundbreaking endowment from Wellby Financial

University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL) has received a significant contribution from Wellby Financial, one of the largest credit unions in Houston, and recently rated the Best Overall Financial Institution in Texas for 2023-24 by The gift will help establish the largest intern scholarship endowment at UHCL.

Left to right: Dr. Natalie Pecknold Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships UHCL, Marty Pell, President & CEO Wellby Financial, Deborah Acosta Conder, Board of Directors Chair, UHCL President Richard Walker, UHCL, Elbby Antony Executive Director, University Advancement UHCL, Joe Staley Vice President, University Advancement UHCL

Through intern scholarship program, 6 Hawks receive aid for internships

Internships are vital to the success of both university students and the companies that will someday employ them, as students get the opportunity to apply their knowledge and competencies learned in the classroom in a real-world setting. Although most college students are ready and willing to put time and their best efforts into an internship, the majority of them can’t afford to work without pay.

Lily Longoria
Dominique Bell

'Two great Houston organizations joining to do great things': UHCL and KBR sign internship partnership agreement

University of Houston-Clear Lake and KBR have signed a partnership agreement creating internship opportunities for students from across multiple academic disciplines to gain valuable professional experience in the aerospace industry. UH-Clear Lake President Richard Walker and KBR Vice President of Human Exploration Laurie Labra signed the agreement Wednesday, Sept. 27.

Labra - Walker

Student gets internship, credits UHCL’s resources for success

August 11, 2023
The Office of Strategic Partnerships at University of Houston-Clear Lake is a vital resource that supports students seeking internships that can help connect them to the job that will begin their career after graduating. Alexis Solis, a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Management with a Concentration in Human Resources, secured an internship at Wellby Financial with the assistance of OSP.  Solis said her internship experience has been fulfilling.

alexis solis

UHCL intern's advice: Go to Career Services, Strategic Partnerships for guidance and support

July 17, 2023
Aundria Stokes will soon graduate from University of Houston-Clear Lake with her Bachelor of Science in Marketing and knew she needed an internship in order to get the real-world job experience that employers were seeking. After finding hers at Baytran, the Bay Area Houston Transportation Partnership, she said she had some words of advice for other college students who were also looking for good internships.

aundria stokes

Student gets internship 'just by going to class,' says UHCL offers 'great networking opportunities'

July 6, 2023
Just having a college diploma is no longer enough to land that all-important job offer. Relevant work experience is now considered equally valued as any exam results or university diploma when it comes to laying the foundation for a successful career. That’s why the Office of Strategic Partnerships at University of Houston-Clear Lake has created so many community partnerships for students to receive practical, real-world experiences that will add the skills and networking opportunities that make prospective employers take notice.

National Internship Awareness Month: Strategic Partnerships helps students engage with industry professionals

April 13, 2023
College students are often told that finding internships are the key to launching their career after graduating. For students at University of Houston-Clear Lake, getting connected to an internship opportunity can be as simple as attending a Hawk Venture tour, offered through the Office of Strategic Partnerships. The tours allow external partners to showcase their facilities and operations to students, as well as a chance for both sides to network.

Atzel Arias, UHCL senior pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Communication

UHCL-Boeing partnership gives student intern reason to be 'excited to go to work every day'

February 7, 2023
When a professor, advisor or other mentor helps a student navigate college, that student's chances for success increase greatly. For University of Houston-Clear Lake junior Jose Ramirez, who is in the midst of an internship with Boeing at NASA Johnson Space Center, the guidance he's received from his professors and others at UH-Clear Lake have shown him that it's true—the sky truly is the limit.

Photo of Jose Ramirez, UHCL Student

Pathways to STEM Careers, Strategic Partnerships help student land Boeing internship

January 26, 2023
Eric Washington said that if he could go back and tell his high school self what he's doing now, he’d never have believed it. "Before coming to University of Houston-Clear Lake, I had no idea I could ever work at NASA with astronauts. I would never have imagined I’d be doing this," he said.

Photo of Eric Washington, UHCL Student

Double alum 'connects a lot of success' to UHCL, trains future IT specialists with internships, mentorship

November 22, 2022
Landing a paid internship at a great company while still in college is one of the best ways to set the foundation for finding a great job after graduation. For Ryan Brooker and Joseph Bittinger, both pursuing bachelor's degrees in University of Houston-Clear Lake's College of Science and Engineering, their internships with AtLink Communications give them a paycheck, but the real value is in the hands-on experience and the work environment.

UHCL alumnus Dilhar De Silva, center, offers hands-on experience and training to upcoming IT specialists like Ryan Brooker, left, and Joseph Bittinger.

Student finds internship through prof's connection, investment in students' success

September 23, 2022
Job applications almost always ask if the candidate has previous relevant work experience. Although many students have part-time jobs, it  can be difficult for a recent college graduate to acquire degree-related work experience unless they've had an internship.

Photo of Taylor Turnpaugh

Internship at Amazon in 'something different' yields new skills and experience

September 21, 2022
One of Sonia Tom’s goals while at University of Houston-Clear Lake was to get an internship at a global company like Amazon. As a senior majoring in information technology, she thought it would be helpful to get experience in something different, just to see how non-technical areas worked.

Photo of Sonia Tom

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation intern credits student org with opening doors

June 23, 2022
University of Houston-Clear Lake alumna Kaylee Madden just completed her Bachelor of Science in Finance, but has her eye on a future in politics and leadership. That's why in 2020, she started the university's chapter of SUPERGirls SHINE Foundation, a nonprofit organization aimed at exposing young women between the ages of 10-17 in underrepresented communities to leadership opportunities through mentorships to pursue STEM-related careers.

Photo of Kaylee Madden, UHCL Alumna

Grant allows more paid internships to help students engage in industry

June 20, 2022
No matter what a college student's interests may be, it's important to consider what will come after graduation. Higher education is about growing, meeting new people, and experiencing life from another perspective, but ultimately, it's about preparing for a career path and life after school. That's why students at University of Houston-Clear Lake hear the word "internship" used frequently during their educational journey.

Photo of UHCL Campus

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