Master's Thesis Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin the Master's Thesis process?

Start by reviewing the Master's Thesis Requirements, and then talk with your advisor. Your advisor should be able to counsel you on the next steps you should take.

You can register for your Master's Thesis by completing the following guidelines:

  1. Pick a thesis topic in consultation with program faculty.
  2. Select a Thesis Chair who is familiar with your topic.
  3. Form your Thesis Committee with direction from your Thesis Chair.
  4. Receive approval of your Thesis Committee by the Associate Dean's Office.
  5. Develop a proposal for your thesis topic under direction of your Thesis Committee.
  6. Defend your thesis proposal and receive approval from committee to proceed.
  7. Once you have an approved thesis, submit the Master's Option Course Enrollment form to register for your thesis.

What is the biggest mistake students make?

Most students forget to stay on top of getting signatures at critical points. Remember - you are responsible for obtaining all signatures. Take time to double-check registration and approval forms and make sure you have all the necessary signatures.

What are the guidelines?

There are three sets of guidelines that apply to the Master Thesis within the College of Science and Engineering at University of Houston-Clear Lake:

  1. CSE Guidelines for a Thesis Proposal.
  2. UHCL Thesis Formatting Guide.
  3. Library Formatting Requirements.

CSE Guidelines are above and beyond the UHCL Guidelines. Follow the Style Manual appropriate for your discipline as recommended by your Thesis Chair. For detailed information, please visit Thesis Guidelines and Forms.

What are the guidelines for Research involving humans or animals?

If you are planning to conduct research that involves vertebrate animals or humans, you are required to include the appropriate application forms in your research proposal. You will subsequently be required to submit the application to the appropriate UHCL committee (e.g., IACUC [Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee] or CPHS [Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects]) and receive approval before beginning any work on your research project. IACUC and/or CPHS applications and approval documents must be included in the final research report submitted.

What is the process for enrollment?

Use the Master's Option Course Enrollment form to register for your thesis. You cannot register until after your proposal defense is approved. When you fill out this form, some of the fields allow you to type information online. You will need to print the form and obtain all required signatures before you can submit it to the Associate Dean's Office.

When is my Master's Thesis due?

The deadline for submission of theses and projects to library for format check is generally the first week in November for the fall semester and the first week in April for the spring semester. The final approval of theses and projects by the Associate Dean is generally December 1 for fall semester and May 1 for spring semester. For more information, visit the Neumann Library's Important Dates at Thesis Deadlines for Fall and Thesis Deadlines.


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