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Jugal Saharia

Jugal Saharia, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering,
College of Science and Engineering

Contact number: 281-283-3873
Office: ST2236


Jugal Saharia earned his Ph.D. from Southern Methodist University. He received his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Tezpur University and M.Tech from Kerala University in India.
Dr. Saharia's teaching interests lie in the general area of thermal/fluid science. Before joining UHCL, Dr. Saharia worked at the University of Texas Permian Basin as an assistant professor.

Areas of Expertise

Thermal/fluid science


Book Chapter:

  • Bandara, Y. N. D., Saharia, J., Kim, M. J., Renkes, S., & Alexandrakis, G. (2022). Experimental Approaches to Solid-State Nanopores. In Single Molecule Sensing Beyond Fluorescence (pp. 297-341). Springer, Cham

Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications:

  • Saharia, J., Bandara, Y. N. D., Karawdeniya, B. I., Dwyer J.R., & Kim, M. J. (2023). Over one million DNA and protein events through ultra-stable chemically-tuned solid-state nanopores, Small,
  • Saharia, J., Bandara, Y. N. D., & Kim, M. J. (2022). Investigating protein translocation in the presence of an electrolyte concentration gradient across a solid‐state nanopore. Electrophoresis, 43, 785-792.
  • Saharia, J., Bandara, Y. N. D., Karawdeniya, B. I., Hammond, C., Alexandrakis, G., & Kim, M. J. (2021). Modulation of electrophoresis, electroosmosis and diffusion for electrical transport of proteins through a solid-state nanopore. RSC Advances, 11, 24398-24409.
  • Bandara, Y. N. D., Saharia, J., Karawdeniya, B. I., Kluth, P., & Kim, M. J. (2021). Nanopore Data Analysis: Baseline Construction and Abrupt Change-Based Multilevel Fitting. Analytical Chemistry, 93, 11710-11718.
  • Saharia, J., Bandara, Y. N. D., Karawdeniya, B. I., Alexandrakis, G., & Kim, M. J. (2021). Assessment of 1/f noise associated with nanopores fabricated through chemically tuned controlled dielectric breakdown. Electrophoresis, 42, 899-909.
  • Bandara, Y. N. D., Saharia, J., Karawdeniya, B. I., Hagan, J. T., Dwyer, J. R., & Kim, M. J. (2020). Beyond nanopore sizing: improving solid-state single-molecule sensing performance, lifetime, and analyte scope for omics by targeting surface chemistry during fabrication. Nanotechnology, 31,335707.
  • Saharia, J., Bandara, Y. N. D., Lee, J. S., Wang, Q., Kim, M. J., & Kim, M. J. (2020). Fabrication of hexagonal boron nitride based 2D nanopore sensor for the assessment of electro‐chemical responsiveness of human serum transferrin protein. Electrophoresis, 41, 630-637.
  • Bandara, Y. N., Tang, J., Saharia, J., Rogowski, L. W., Ahn, C. W., & Kim, M. J. (2019). Characterization of flagellar filaments and flagellin through optical microscopy and label-free nanopore responsiveness. Analytical Chemistry, 91, 13665-13674.
  • Saharia, J., Bandara, Y. N. D., Goyal, G., Lee, J. S., Karawdeniya, B. I., & Kim, M. J. (2019). Molecular-level profiling of human serum transferrin protein through assessment of nanopore-based electrical and chemical responsiveness. ACS Nano, 13, 4246-4254.

Courses (Current Academic Year)

MENG 3334
MENG 4343
MENG 4143

Research Projects

Dr. Saharia worked on solid-state nanopores for single molecule studies. His research is inherently interdisciplinary and involves expertise in material science, nanomanufacturing, transport phenomena and single-molecule biophysics.