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Soma Datta

Soma Datta, Ph.D.

Program Chair of Pre-engineering and Assistant Professor of Software Engineering,
College of Science and Engineering

Contact number: 281-283-3838
Office: Delta 106


As an assistant professor and program chair, Dr. Soma Datta specializes in applying the agile framework in software development and in machine learning. She has developed models to identify rules for students' attrition in higher education, which has led to peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Datta actively trains graduate students in the agile framework, requirements collection, methodology and implementation of software development. She also teaches graduate software engineering students the skill of including data science components in software development.

Dr. Datta appreciates the importance of software engineering skills in developing successful software. Hence, she mentors and encourages students to present their research at student conferences and regional and international IEEE conferences. She has mentored high school students who wanted to become software engineers and has taught data science to sixth-graders internationally. Dr. Datta was one of two faculty leads for the Code for Girls Camp (11-14 age) at UHCL. 

Currently, she is working with graduate students to develop a virtual laboratory to facilitate the generation of reproducible results within the MicroCURE network. The laboratory is also being developed to provide an online alternative to traditional biology teaching laboratories when university facilities are unavailable because of extreme weather events, pandemics and other disasters.



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