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Feasibility Study


2022-2023: Referendum Study

Once an initial Student Center Program was established, it was time to move on to the next phase, educating the student body on the necessity of a new Student Center and a vote to support or not support the university's efforts in establishing this facility. The university recruited Brailsford and Dunlavey, Inc. (B&D) to provide further guidance in the development of a student referendum. Their work included a Strategic Asset Value (SAV) work session rooted in the idea that the planned Student Center will offer the greatest strategic value when it supports the campus' mission, vision, and planning principles. The SAV process ensured that the outcomes of the implemented Student Center that brings UHCL measurably closer to its targeted reality and the objectives and aspirations articulated in the Impact 2025 and Beyond plan.

The SAV process including the following objectives:

  • To facilitate the involvement of UHCL's stakeholder in the planning process
  • To ground the planning process’s objectives in UHCL's permanent ideals
  • To create criteria that allow for innovative solutions and streamlined decision making
  • Not to modify UHCL's mission or introduce new values

In addition, B&D introduced five targeted strategic outcome categories that served as the framework for the SAV discussion and were evaluated for the importance and current attainment levels.

  • Enrollment Management
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Financial Performance
  • Educational Outcomes
  • Campus Community

In addition to the SAV work sessions, two very important climate surveys were distributed to the student population in order to gauge student interest and feedback. The results of the surveys helped B&D develop the next steps in UHCL's efforts in developing a student referendum that supports the new Student Center.

A Student Center strategy was created by B&D, which included the need to adjust current proposed student center program design to align with student population's vision to ensure a successful support through a referendum is achieved. The strategy will also help ignite campus enthusiasm for a student center through education and a referendum campaign.


2021-2022: Student Center Program Study

In fall 2022, CannonDesign conducted a Student Center Feasibility Study for the university's campus. Through a series of user group meetings, the programming team discovered the needs and aspirations of the stakeholder, which included staff and current students. These activities informed the programming team's understanding of UHCL culture, programmatic priorities, and operational needs for the establishment of a new Student Center.

The results of the user group meetings and activities resulted in common themes, which described a UHCL Student Center as a new home for students while on campus. This new facility should be more than just the heart of the campus, but also the soul. All demographics and backgrounds should be both welcoming and represented in this new space. The new Student Center should also create a sense of university pride, belonging, and opportunities for new student traditions for our future students.

At the conclusion of this phase of the initiative, an established Student Center vision was created to act as a guide for the next phase of the journey. For UHCL, "The Student Center will be a safe, sustainable, welcoming, and human-centered environment that amplifies student engagement and equity to celebrate University of Houston-Clear Lake's diverse student population."


2017: UHCL Master Plan Study

In 2017, the university hired a consulting firm to conduct a campus study. Focus group and survey feedback helped the group build a proposed master plan for the institution. The plan was broken into a series of phases. The Phase 2 Concept (5-10 years out from the 2017 plan) called for a series of campus improvements and expansions, which included the construction of a Student Center.



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