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UHCL Student Center Initiative

Welcome to the future of student engagement at University of Houston-Clear Lake! The Student Center Initiative is a student-driven effort to support the creation of UH-Clear Lake's first Student Center. Join us in building the new heart of UHCL!

While the initiative has just begun, this website will serve as the central hub for all information regarding the Student Center Initiative, including facility planning and design efforts, funding details, and Student Referendum information.

What is a Student Center?

For many colleges and universities, a student center serves as a central location or hub for campus life and engagement. These facilities are common fixtures on many campuses and are a place for students to gather, relax, and engage with the university community through social events and activities.

Student centers typically house a variety of spaces for dining, study lounges, group meeting rooms, entertainment, a ballroom, and administrative offices that contribute to the student engagement experience. What is ultimately included in a student center is largely determined by the wants and needs of the student population.

In order to move this initiative forward, the university, with the help of a student-led committee, will establish a referendum.

What Is a Student Referendum? defines a referendum as "the principle or practice of referring measures proposed or passed by a legislative body to the vote of the electorate for approval or rejection." A student referendum to support the construction of a student center will give the UHCL student body an opportunity to vote to support or not support the initiative. Join the effort! Learn more about the referendum process and how you can share your voice by voting.

Visualizing the Heart of UHCL

Below are renderings developed by the CannonDesign Group. The renderings are a mockup of what UHCL's Student Center could look like, knowing that the facility look and design will continue to evolve over time. The renderings here are not considered the final approved look.

Student Center Initiative Rending

Student Center Initiative Rending

Student Center Initiative Rending


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