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Student DPR FAQ

DPR Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Degree Progress Report (Automated CPS)?

This automated advising tool, available through E-Services, compares students' completed coursework with their degree requirements and produces a report (called Degree Progress Report, or DPR) detailing their progress towards the degree completion. The report also lists the classes that need to be taken in the future semesters and evaluates different scenarios (degree options like minors, second degrees, changing the plan you are currently seeking) that you may want to consider.

2. What information will appear on the Degree Progress Report?

  • Transfer Courses apply toward requirements
  • Student's current GPA
  • Student's program plan and subplan requirements
  • Any exceptions that have been made for a student
  • Complete degree requirements
  • Incomplete requirement and what has to be done to complete them

3. How will I know whether a requirement is fulfilled?

When all or part of a specific requirement is not complete, the heading will appear in boldface and the message "Requirement Not Satisfied –" will appear in red.

Requirements for courses that are “In-Progress” appear as though they are satisfied before the grade is earner. In this case, the requirement will not be in boldface, but will be followed by: (IP). The “Grade” space will remain empty until grades are posted at the end of that term. If you withdraw from the course or do not earn a passing grade, the requirement will no longer appear as being satisfied and the red flag will reappear.

4. If I have completed the courses (both from transfer school and UHCL) to satisfy the requirements, what will the report show?

When a requirement is satisfied, the requirement will no longer appear in boldface and information will be complete for course, units, grade and code. In addition, the prompt for “Courses (required/actual/needed): “will disappear when courses are no longer needed to complete that particular requirement, as follows.

5. What are the codes "EN" and "TR" represent?

The code "EN" means that the requirement was fulfilled by enrolling in a class at UHCL. A code of "TR" indicates the requirement was fulfilled through transfer credit.

6. If I transferred into UHCL, will the DPR show whether my transfer courses fulfill my curriculum requirements?

Automating transfer credit articulations in E-Services is an enormous effort, and will be an ongoing project at UHCL. Transfer rules are currently defined in phases for the DPR, beginning with the feeder institutions from which we receive the greatest number of transfer courses. Students who transfer into UHCL come from colleges and universities all over the world, and the articulation rules for some of these institutions may not been entered into the system at this moment. For now, the DPR may show transfer as fulfilling some requirements, but not all.

In most instances, you will see your transfer courses through Transfer Credit Report. Please see your advisor to verify which requirements may be fulfilled with your transfer coursework if necessary.

7. I took a course that was cross-listed with a Core-approved course, but it did not show up on my DPR as meeting the Core requirement. Does that mean I will not be able to fulfill my Core area with that course?

We have made effort to ensure that cross-listed courses are loaded into the system. However, occasionally we discover that one was overlooked. Please consult your advisor to make sure that the course should count toward fulfilling the requirement you intend. If it is a valid course, please have the advisor fill-in the "comments" part of the student exception form indicating the modification needed. We will update the list of acceptable courses for that requirement upon request.

8. When I register for next semester, will my DPR show how the courses I registered fit into my curriculum requirements?

Yes, it will. In the example below, the student registered for TCED 4737 in summer 2008. The report drops the course in with IP (In-Progress) next to it. DPR is designed to help you get a good sense of how the courses you register for will fulfill requirements.

9. Does the DPR eliminate the need for advisors? Where can I get help?

No. You should continue to meet with your advisor on a regular basis throughout your UHCL career. Remember that DPR is only a tool that gives you and your advisor more time to discuss issues that are really important to you such as career goals, study habits, and any other aspects of your UHCL experience.


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