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Access Control Conditions

To ensure everyone uses the same lingo related to Access Control Conditions, please review the following definitions.

Normal Access

Under normal circumstances, students, faculty and staff have access to building exterior doors and common areas outside of regular business hours seven days a week. Access to specific suites and non-common areas are designated by individual card permissions. The five exceptions to this are Animal Care, FMC, NOA I, NOA II, and REC; these do not have common areas for students and, therefore, students have no reason to be present outside of business hours; note – Animal Care is card access only by authorized personnel at all times. Regular building hours for each building is included later in this document.

Limited Access

In the event of a weather closure, or similar non-emergency event, the previous remains true in that access to buildings is via ID card; the campus might be closed for business, but cards work. For instance, if UHCL closes due to area flooding, or other non-emergency closure, exterior doors and common areas are accessible to students, faculty and staff; it is important that all persons have and possess their issued ID card to prevent personal inconvenience.

Restricted Access

In the event of larger scale, more dynamic situations such as ride-outs / hurricanes, only Essential Personnel have access to exterior doors and common areas. Essential Personnel are police and EHS, as well as pre-identified members of FMC’s ride out team. Other Essential Personnel are pre-determined by the Director of Emergency Management and HR and receive an Essential Personnel Badge.


In the event of an unforeseen catastrophic emergency (law enforcement emergency / emergency management situation, etc.), all buildings are locked down to all persons except police personnel and EHS.