Reporting a Stolen or Lost University-Owned Computer or Mobile Device


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that the University follows a consistent process for handling and reporting situations where a computer, tablet or smartphone is lost or stolen.


When a computer, tablet or a smartphone is lost or stolen, there is always the possibility that the device holds information that is considered sensitive legally or by contract, or is otherwise considered sensitive by University policy. For those pieces of information, we are obliged to determine to the best of our ability what sensitive information may have been on the lost or stolen device, and if possible, to determine whose private information might be involved. Additionally, in case criminal activity is suspected, the appropriate Police authorities need to be involved as well.


If your University-owned computer is stolen or lost, perform the following as soon as you realize the equipment is missing:

  1. Download Form IR001A: Stolen or Lost UHCL Device
  2. Fill in the answers to as many questions under bullet 1 on the form as you have the appropriate information available
  3. Report the incident to the police department of the community where the incident took place. If on-campus, contact the University Police Department
  4. Fill in the answers to the questions under bullet 2 of the form with the information that will be provided by the police department responding to the incident
  5. Contact the following University areas and provide them with a copy of this completed form:
    • The University Police (extension 2222)
    • The University Information Security Officer (extension 2954 or
      Note: Be prepared to discuss the types of information may be stored on the computer's hard drive, especially any personally identifiable information (PII), e.g., Social Security numbers, employee/student ID numbers, birthdates, drivers' license numbers, passport numbers or any other sensitive personal data.
  6. Upon receipt of the form, the University's Information Security Officer will notify OIT Technical Services, the appropriate Property Custodian and University Property Management
  7. OIT Technical Services will determine if tracking software is installed on the computer. If it is, OIT Technical Services staff will take the necessary steps to activate the alert process through the tracking company.
    Important Note: Computer theft must be reported to OIT within one (1) working week as we must contact the tracking vendor within thirty days of the incident.
  8. OIT Technical Services will provide the person filing the report, the Information Security Officer, the appropriate Property Custodian, University Property Management and University Police with copies of all correspondence from the tracking company.


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