Detailed Procedures and Forms

Information Security Policies and Procedural Handbooks have been and continue to be developed and established by the University of Houston-Clear Lake to describe its foundational principles, goals and objectives as they relate to our efforts to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information created by or entrusted to the university, and maintain compliance with its legal and contractual obligations. 

Effectively incorporating these principles, goals and objectives into the everyday life of the university requires step-by-step, detailed procedures utilizing standard approaches, tools and forms that are documented and accessible to members of the university community. This section of the Information Security Office's web site is intended to serve as a repository of information security-related forms and procedures that help the university to achieve its information security goals and objectives.

To access a form and its associated procedure, click the appropriate link below the Definitions section. 


Program - A high level, comprehensive vision of the university's information security-related guiding principles and how the university's information security-related roles and activities are to be organized.

Policy - A set of directives established by the university to define its goals, to protect its interests, and to direct and limit any related actions taken by its members.

Procedure - A sequence of steps that must be followed for a specified task to be completed thoroughly and effectively.

Guideline - A recommended course of action that allows some discretion or leeway in its interpretation, implementation or use.

Standard - Requirements, specifications, characteristics and, in some cases, specific products that can be used across an organization to fulfill a business need.

Information Security-Related Procedures


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