Requesting Your Account's Privilege Level on Your Computer


This procedure is to be used by anyone who obtains a University-provided computer to request the specific privilege level that the user would like his or her computer account to have on the device. 


The Administrator vs. User Privileges page highlights the differences between having your computer account set up with user-level privileges and having it set up with administrator-level privileges. The article also describes why having your computer account configured with user-level privileges is preferable to configuring it with administrator-level privileges. The primary reason is that, when your computer account is assigned administrator-level privileges, any malicious software that is activated while you are logged in would inherit the privilege level of the computer account that is logged into the computer at the time. If that computer account has administrator-level privileges to the computer, then so will the malicious software which would allow it to do virtually anything to your computer. If your computer account is configured with user-level privileges, any malicious software that is activated during your session would have significantly limited capabilities.

However, while we strongly recommend that you have your computer account configured with user-level privileges, we understand that there are certain circumstances that require your computer account to have administrator-level privileges to a specific workstation. Thus, the privilege request form that is used by this procedure does allow you to request elevated privileges in cases where such privileges are justified. 


  1. Complete the Temporary Local Admin Password Form
  2. Once the request is approved by your supervisor and reviewed by IT, a team member from OIT will contact you.


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