Requesting University-Licensed Software for Home-Use


This procedure is intended to be used by individuals who would like to install University-licensed software on their home computers for University-business purposes. It should be noted that the request may only involve software for which the license agreement permits such use.


All software licensed by the University of Houston-Clear Lake must be used in accordance with the terms of its license agreement. Unless otherwise specified in the license, any distribution or duplication of copyrighted software, except for backup and archival purposes by the software manager or designated department personnel, is a violation of copyright law and is contrary to University of Houston-Clear Lake’s standards of conduct.

On occasion, the University has purchased software with license agreements that permit members of the University’s faculty and staff to use a copy of the software on their home computers for University-business purposes only. This procedure and its associated form will be used to track these requests and ensure that the requestor understands and agrees to abide by the terms and limitations of its use to protect the University’s interests.


  1. Download Form SR002A:  Request to Install University Licensed Software On A Personally Owned Device
  2. Fill in the RequestorRequest Date, Department, Supervisor's Name, Software Title, Version and Operating System fields, and check the appropriate Medium box
  3. Have your supervisor initial next to his or her name
  4. Review the terms of the agreement as stated on the form
  5. If you understand and agree to the terms, sign and date the form 
  6. Submit the form to OIT Technical Services
  7. An authorized member of OIT Technical Services will determine if the software is licensed for home-use.
  8. If the requested software is not licensed for home-use, the request is denied, ending the procedure. If it is licensed for home-use, the procedure continues.
  9. The OIT Technical Services representative will enter his or her name, and will sign and date the form
  10. The software will be provided to the requestor by way of the appropriate medium
  11. The requestor is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the requested software on his or her computer - no technical support will be provided by OIT in association with work-at-home use
  12. If the requestor's employment is terminated, or the University's license agreement is cancelled or no longer permits home-use, the requestor must must remove the software from his or her personally-owned device immediately
  13. When the software is uninstalled, any media and documentation provided must be returned to OIT Technical Services
  14. Upon receipt of the media and documentation, the OIT Technical Services representative will enter a return date on the form