Policies, Procedural Handbooks and SAMs


As for any organization that manages information on behalf of its constituents, the University of Houston-Clear Lake is required to ensure that the information that we create or with which we are entrusted is protected in a manner that is commensurate with the information's need for confidentiality, integrity and availability, and with any legislative or contractual requirements to which the University is subject. To this end, UHCL has established and continues to develop on an ongoing basis, a documented information security program that:

  • Defines the university's information security-related mission, principles, goals and objectives.
  • Describes how the university's information security-related mission, goals and objectives are to be achieved through the development and maintenance of formal policies.
  • Guides members of the university community to ensure that their business practices are compliant with UHCL policies through the development and maintenance of audience-specific procedural handbooks. It should be noted that procedural handbooks provide a complete set of requirements that each department must incorporate into in its business practices, as applicable. However, since the handbooks are written in a non-product-specific, generic form, each business area is encouraged to supplement the procedural handbooks with its own product-specific documentation, as necessary.

Administrative Policies and Procedures

The UHCL Administrative Policies and Procedures section of the website serves as a central repository of university policies that govern a wide range of university activities, including information security. The administrative policies and procedures documents assure the most effective and timely communication and compliance throughout the University of Houston-Clear Lake community.

SAM - System Administrative Memoranda

The SAM - System Administrative Memoranda website is the central repository for all UH System Administrative policies and procedures. These administrative operating principles and related processes of those functions are the responsibility of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance.

UHCL Procedural Documents


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