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Faculty Senate Members

Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Name Position Phone Email
Heather Kanenberg President 281-283-3458 kanenbergh@uhcl.edu 
Elizabeth Beavers President-Elect 281-283-3513 beaversea@uhcl.edu 
Mike McMullen Past President 281-283-3435 mcmullen@uhcl.edu 
Brian Stephens Senator-at-Large 281-283-3798 stephensb@uhcl.edu 
Nick Kelling Chair, Budget & Facilities Committee 281-283-3779 kelling@uhcl.edu 
 Rebecca Huss-Keeler Chair, Curriculum Committee 281-283-3535 huss@uhcl.edu 
Sheila Baker Chair, Teaching & Research Committee 281-283-3515 bakers@uhcl.edu 
Stephen Cotten Chair, Faculty Life Committee 281-283-3587 cotten@uhcl.edu 
Mike McMullen Chair, Governance 281-283-3207 mcmullen@uhcl.edu 
Alternates - FSEC, University & Academic Councils

2019 - 2020 Senators by committees

Budget & Facilities Committee
Name College Phone Email
Nick Kelling HSH/Chair 281-283-3779 kelling@uhcl.edu 
Michelle Giles COE 281-283-3516 giles@uhcl.edu 
Pat McCormack COB 281-283-3217 mccormack@uhcl.edu 
Cengiz Sisman HSH 281-283-3472 sisman@uhcl.edu 
Paul Withey CSE 281-283-3799 withey@uhcl.edu  
Curriculum Committee
Name College Phone Email
 Rebecca Huss-Keeler COE/Chair 281-283-3535 huss@uhcl.edu 
Anton Dubrovskiy CSE 281-283-3769 dubrovskiy@uhcl.edu 
Khondker Hasan CSE 281-283-3842 hasank@uhcl.edu 
Anna Klyueva HSH 281-283-3442 klyueva@uhcl.edu 
Renee Lastrapes COE 281-283-3566 lastrapes@uhcl.edu 
Tim Michael COB 281-283-3193 michael@uhcl.edu 
Leroy Robinson COB 281-283-3209 robinsonjr@uhcl.edu 
Wanalee Romero HSH 281-283-3432 romero@uhcl.edu 
Teaching & Research Committee
Name College Phone Email
Sheila Baker COE/Chair 281-283-3479 bakers@uhcl.edu 
Antonio Corrales COE 281-283-3588 corrales@uhcl.edu 
Ivelina Pavlova-Stout COB 281-283-3208 pavlova@uhcl.edu 
Walter Thompson CSE 281-283-3768 thompsonw@uhcl.edu 
Xiaojun (Gene) Shan CSE 281-283-3814 shan@uhcl.edu 
Christine Walther HSH 281-283-3463 walther@uhcl.edu 
Faculty Life Committee
Name College Phone Email
Stephen Cotten BUS/Chair 281-283-3207 cotten@uhcl.edu 
Sarah Costello HSH 281-283-3342 costello@uhcl.edu 
Dilani Perera COE 281-283-3557 perera@uhcl.edu 
Roberta Raymond COE 281-283-3593 raymond@uhcl.edu 
Brian Stephens CSE 281-283-3798 stephensb@uhcl.edu 
Ishaq Unwala CSE 281-283- unwala@uhcl.edu 
Chris Ward HSH 281-283-3303 wardchris@uhcl.edu 
Randall Xu COB 281-283-3145 xuzhao@uhcl.edu 
Faculty Governance Committee
Name College Phone Email
Mike McMullen HSH/Chair 281-283-3435 mcmullen@uhcl.edu 
Thomas Cotten COB 281-283-3207 cotten@uhcl.edu 
Maria Curtis HSH 281-283-3429 curtis@uhcl.edu 
Lisa Gossett COB 281-283-3257 gossett@uhcl.edu 
V. Eric Mays CSE 281-283-3764 mayesv@uhcl.edu