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National Rivers and Streams Assessment


To collect biological, environmental and water quality data for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) National Rivers and Streams Assessment (NRSA) at locations throughout Texas.

Study Area


Project Period

2013 – 2014


The NRSA is a statistical survey by the EPA to evaluate the condition of the nation's boatable rivers and wadeable streams. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is the lead agency for oversight of sampling in Texas rivers and streams.

The NRSA is designed to:

  • Assess the condition of the nation's rivers and streams
  • Promote collaboration across jurisdictional boundaries
  • Build state and tribal capacity for monitoring and assessment

This is one of a series of water surveys being conducted by the EPA, states, tribes and other partners. In addition to rivers and streams, partners have also studied coastal waters, lakes and wetlands in a revolving sequence. The purpose of these surveys is to generate statistically-valid and environmentally relevant reports on the condition of the nation's water resources.

The NRSA will use a probability-based sampling design that will result in statistically-valid estimates of condition for a population of wetlands. States, tribes and federal partners will participate in the NRSA design, planning and field assessment. A consistent field assessment procedure will be used for the NRSA to ensure that the results can be compared across the country. Funding for this work is provided through the Clean Water Act 106 grant.

Publications and Presentations

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Lane, M., Oakley, J.W., Guillen, G., Curtis, S. 2014. Preliminary Analysis of Spatial Patterns in Texas Lotic Fish Communities. Joint Annual Meeting of the Oklahoma & Texas Chapters American Fisheries Society, Pottsboro, TX. Poster.

Oakley, J. 2013. National Rivers and Streams Assessment 2013-2014. 27th Annual SWQM Workshop, Austin, TX. Presentation.

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