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Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones, Ed.D.

Professor of Counseling, Special Education, and Diversity,
College of Education

Contact number: 281-283-3551
Office: Bayou Suite 1325

Areas of Expertise

  • Multicultural and diversity issues
  • Learning styles of minority students
  • Racial tolerance in education


  • Jones, L. (2018, Fall). Black fish in a White pond: Identity development of African American Students in predominately White suburban schools. Multicultural Education, 26(1), 35–38.
  • Peña, C., Jones, L., Orange, A., Simieou, F., & Márquez, J. (2018, June). Academic success and resiliency factors: A case study of unaccompanied immigrant children. American Journal of Qualitative Research, 2(1), 142–161.
  • Jones, L. (2016, September). The importance of civic and social engagement in minority communities. Journal of Family Strength, 16(10),1–11.
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  • Sloan, E., Sawyer, C., Warner, T., & Jones, L. (2014). Adolescent Entertainment or violence training? The Hunger Games. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, 9(3), 427–435. Doi: 10.1080/15401383.2014.903161
  • Johnson, D., Jones, L., Simieou, F., Matthew, K., & Morgan, B. (2013). The relationship between grade configuration and standardized science test scores of fifth grade students: What school administrators should know. Journal of At-Risk Issues, 17(2), 31 – 38.
  • Jones, L. (2012, Fall). National Association of African American Studies and Affiliates: How the organization redefines the dialogue about multicultural education. Twentieth Commemorative Edition of the Journal of Intercultural Disciplines,11, 27-36.
  • Shodavaram, M., Jones, L., Weaver, L., Marquez, J., & Ensle, E. (2009, Spring). Education of non-European ancestry immigrant students in suburban high schools. Multicultural Education, 16(3), 29-36.
  • Penn, E., Pirtle, D., & Jones, L. (2007). Prevention and diversion of delinquency in Texas. In S. M. Cox, J. M. Allen, R. D. Hanser, & J. J. Conrad (Eds.). Juvenile Justice: A guide to theory, policy, and practice (6th ed.) (pp. 204 – 215). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Awards and Accomplishments

  • University of Houston – Clear Lake, University Faculty Fellowship Award (2019-2020)
  • The Brazos Valley African American National Heritage Society and Museum Honoree for significant contributions to our community, the museum, the state or country (2019)
  • University of Houston – Clear Lake Sigma Alpha Pi Chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success Excellence in Service to Students Award (2018)
  • University of Houston – Clear Lake Alumni Association Outstanding Professor Award & Fellowship (2016)
  • Piper Award Nominee – Outstanding Teaching Award (2004)
  • National Association of African American Studies (NAAAS) Board of Directors (2003)