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Elizabeth Beavers

Elizabeth Beavers, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Special Education,
College of Education

Contact number: 281-283-3513
Office: Bayou Suite B1325

Areas of Expertise

  • Early Childhood Special Education
  • Decision-making and reflective practices
  • Emotional dimensions of teaching and learning
  • Instructional and Intervention Pedagogy


Selected Publications

  • Beavers, E. (2019). Facilitating effective decisions to improve outcomes for preschool age students. Instructional Leader 32 (3),5-8.
  • Beavers, E.A., Orange, A., & Kirkwood, D. (2017). Fostering critical and reflective thinking in an authentic learning situation. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 38(1), 1-16. doi:10/1080/10901027.2016.1274693.
  • Beavers, E., & Summerville, C. (2017).  Perspectives of developmentally appropriate practice in Texas. Early Years, 38 (2), 13-15.
  • Summerville, C. & Beavers, E (2017). The state of developmentally appropriate practices in Texas: Preliminary Findings. Texas Association of School Administrators: Texas Council of Professor of Educational Leadership. Austin, TX.
  • Beavers, E. (2016). Chapter 1: You and Early Childhood Education, in G.S. Morrison, Fundamentals of early childhood education, 8th ed. Columbus, Ohio: Pearson.
  • Beavers, E. A., & Kirkwood, D. (2014). Be the change you wish to see in a center. Child Care Information Exchange. Sept/Oct., 8-13.
Selected Presentations
  • Deris, A., DeCarlo, C.F., Beavers, E., & Purcell, M. (2019).Unlocking the DEC Recommended Practices. Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children Conference. New Orleans, LA.
  • Purcell, M., Beavers E., Deris, A. (2018). Your vision for impacting the  early intervention/early childhood special education field. Division for Early Childhood International Conference. Orlando, FL.
  • Jones, A., Beavers, E., Rinkel, P., Danaher, J. (2018). Using the DEC RPs: Hands on simulation of selecting ECTS Center’s Performance Checklist      and Practice Guides to improve outcomes. Improving Data, Improving      Outcomes. Arlington, VA.
  • Summerville, C., Kofron, K. & Beavers, E. (2017). Serving the Whole Early Childhood Community: Engaging Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Professionals.National Association for the Education of Young Children Professional Learning Institute. San Francisco, CA.
  • Trevino, E. & Beavers, E. (2016). Bridging the ECSE service and childcare worlds through nurturing professional relationships. Division for Early Childhood International Conference. Louisville, KY.
  • Beavers, E. (2015). Making Learning Meaningful: Aligning learning experiences with DEC’s Recommended Practices. National Association for the Education of Young Children. Orlando, FL.
  •  Beavers, E. (2013, October). Fostering meaningful learning through the creation of an authentic learning environment. Invited poster presented at 29th Annual Division of Early Childhood International Conference. San Francisco, CA.
  • Beavers, E., & Kirkwood, D. (2012, November). Creating an authentic learning environment for pre-service teachers. National Association for Early Childhood Teacher Educators Annual Conference. Atlanta, GA.
Selected Local Presentations
  • Beavers, E (2020) Diverse Classroom- Inclusive Practices during Virtual Learning. SMART Family Literacy. Virtual Conference
  • Beavers, E. (2019). Facilitating high quality practices through effective decision-making. SMART Family Literacy. Galveston, TX.
  • Beavers, E. (2018). Analyzing practices. Texas Region 4 Educational Service Center: Early Childhood Leadership Forum.
  • Beavers, E. (2017, August). Child find: We are all points of light. Katy Independent School District: Parent and Community Conference. Katy, TX. 
  • Beavers, E. (2014, September). Seek first to understand: Proactively addressing challenging behaviors. Houston Area Association for the Education of Young Children. Galveston, TX.
Selected Articles in Newsletters or Technical Reports
  • Beavers, E. (2019, Fall) Quality Interactions. Texas Division for Early Childhood Newsletter.
  • Beavers, E. (2018, October 26). Nurturing inclusive beliefs in young children. Connection. Retrieved from     
  • Beavers, E. (2018, Fall). Vuja De: Letter from the President. Texas Division for Early Childhood Newsletter.
  • Beavers, E.A., & Jain, P. (2017). Benefits of Excellent Articulation Agreements for Child Development and Early Childhood Students in Texas Early Childhood Education Degree Articulation Toolkit. Position Paper. Houston: Texas Early Learning Council.

Research Projects

Research interests include emotional dimensions of teaching and learning in early childhood and early childhood special education, instructional ecology, and teacher education (to include emphasis on critical thinking, decision-making and reflective practices)

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA): Recommended Practices Ambassador appointed for State of Texas (2016-2020)
  • Division for Early Childhood (DEC) Distinguished Volunteer (2015-2018)
  • Mentor of the Year: International Council for Exceptional Children’s Division for Early Childhood (DEC) (2014)
  • Teacher Educator of the Year: Houston Area Association for the Education Young Children (2013) 
  • Texas Center for Research, Evaluation & Advancement of Teacher Education (CREATE) Exemplary Faculty Practice for Early Childhood Model Classroom and Practicum with Kirkwood, D. (2013)
  • UHCL Minnie Stevens Piper Award Nominee for Excellence in Teaching (2013)