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Sheila Baker, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of School Library and Information Science,
College of Education

Contact number: 281-283-3515
Office: Bayou Suite 1321

Areas of Expertise

  • Information studies
  • School librarianship
  • Leadership
  • Technology integration


Selected Publications

  • Watson, S., & Baker, S. (2021). Elementary school library collections: A content analysis of science trade books. Reading Horizons, Article 4.
  • McDonald, D., Baker, S. F., Shulsky, D. (2021). Against the professorial odds: Barriers as building blocks for educational advancement. Journal of Advanced Academics, 32(1), 92-131.
  • Baker, S. F., Decman, J., & Willis, J. (2020). Talk or walk: School principals and shared instructional leadership. School Leadership Review, 15(1), 17.
  • Baker, S. F., & Shulsky, D. (2020). Planting the seeds of perspective consciousness: Creating resource sets to inspire compassionate global citizens. International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning, 12(1), 4-20.
  • Giles, L., Baker, S., & Willis, J. (2020). Pre-service teachers peer mentoring experience and its influence on technology proficiency. Mentoring and Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, 28(5), 602-624.
  • Baker, S. F., & Lastrapes, R. (2019). The writing performance of elementary students using a digital writing application: Results of a teacher-librarian collaboration. Interactive Technology and Smart Education. 000-000.
  • Baker, S. F., & Alexander, B. (2018). A major making undertaking: A new librarian transforms a middle school library to a makerspace aligned to high school career endorsements. Knowledge Quest, 46(5), 64-69.
  • Shulsky, D., Baker, S., Chvala, T. & Willis, J. (2017). Cultivating layered literacies: Developing the global child to become tomorrow’s global citizen. International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning, 9(1), 49-63. DOI 10.18546/IJDEGL.9.1.05.
  • Baker, S. F. (2016). From teacher to school librarian leader and instructional partner: A proposed transformation framework for educators of pre-service school librarians. School Libraries Worldwide, 22(1), 143-159.
  • Baker, S. F., & Willis, J. (2016). When stars align: Teachers and students shine brighter. Knowledge Quest, 45(2).

Research Projects

  • Servant Leadership
  • Access to LGBTQ Literature in Schools
  • Using Children’s Literature with Incarcerated Adults

Awards and Accomplishments

National Board Certified Teacher