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For teachers who want to teach TXVSN-approved courses, and who have already taught online, UHCL offers three advanced courses, INST 5135 Multimedia Design Applications, INST 6137 Technology and eLearning, and INST 6037 Advanced Technology Applications.

Either of these courses will satisfy the TXVSN training requirement for experienced distance educators. INST 5135 Multimedia Design Applications is most appropriate for TXVSN teacher applicants who want to learn a variety of Web design strategies and techniques that can be immediately used to improve an on-line course. The course meets or exceeds the iNACOL National Standards for Online Courses. Examples of iNACOL Standards for Online Course met are, A, B, C, D, E

Accordingly, INST 5135 Multimedia Design Applications places emphasis on:

  • understanding the World Wide Web
  • understanding the benefits of multimedia
  • understanding web site design strategy
  • identifying Web site categories
  • defining planning documents
  • exploring organizational structure
  • investigating navigational structure
  • examining the sources of digital images
  • identifying image types
  • understanding image quality
  • exploring graphics software
  • analyzing the factors that determine video quality
  • examining digital video sources and production
  • exploring video editing software
  • understanding digital video file formats and codecs for the Web

INST 6137 Technology and eLearning is most appropriate for those TXVSN teacher applicants who want to improve their knowledge of online course design based upon current research and best practice. Thus, in INST 6137 Technology and eLearning, TXVSN teacher applicants learn about the underlying philosophical belief systems of the course designer, course instructor and course students, and how they directly impact the success of the online learning environment.

The TXVSN teacher applicants will also learn why developing a community of learners is important within any learning environment and why it is particularly important and difficult to implement within an online learning environment.

In addition, the TXVSN teacher applicants will learn why the visual display of information is a natural progression within an online learning environment and how it allows the opportunity to represent the information through a graphic format. These curriculum elements, and others within the course, are taught within the context of the study of synchronous events, videoconferencing, online assessment and evaluation and assistive and adaptive accessibility support within an online environment. INST 6137 Technology and eLearning meets or exceeds the iNACOL National Standards for Online Teaching. Examples of iNACOL Standards for Online Teaching met are, C, B, D,G, K, L

Hence, INST 6137 Technology and eLearning places emphasis on:

  • developing course components that address learning style considerations
  • conceptualizing a community of learners, through an emphasis upon interactive activities, professional online etiquette, and the importance of professional written communications
  • developing and integrating graphic representations of information within an online learning environment
  • assessing the strengths and areas of further development within an online course environment
  • successfully performing as an online learner
  • successfully performing as an online instructor

Students who complete INST 6037 Advanced Technology Applications will be able to align classroom and online teaching strategies with advanced forms of instructional technology.

The course covers the following topics:

  • implementation of audio
  • application of animation
  • creation of media rich visuals
  • application of online standards
  • utilization of online gaming tools
  • exploration of virtual reality tools
  • evaluation of online tools and systems
  • utilization of advanced accessibility tools
  • application of advanced online communication tools

Please Note: TXVSN teacher training applicants should keep in mind that INST 5135 Multimedia Design Applications, INST 6137 Technology and eLearning, and INST 6037 Advanced Technology Applications are graduate level courses and hence do involve considerable preparation on the part of the student.

All courses are scheduled online in intensive eight-week semesters. Each course earns three graduate credits for successful participants. The credits earned may be used towards obtaining the UHCL Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology. 


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