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Welcome to the University of Houston-Clear Lake College of Education TXVSN-approved course listings. 

The University of Houston – Clear Lake is a Texas Virtual School Network (TXVSN)-approved provider of professional development for teachers who are new to online instruction and also for teachers who are experienced online instructors.

The TXVSN provides online courses to supplement the high school-level instructional programs of Texas schools and also includes a number of full-time TXVSN virtual schools serving eligible public school students in grades 3-12. TXVSN-approved professional development is required for all teachers teaching online courses through the TXVSN.

Standards and Courses Offered

UHCL offers one three-credit graduate course for non-experienced online instructors: 

  • INST 6437: Interactive Distance Learning

Plus a choice of three courses for experienced online instructors: 

  • INST 6137: Technology and eLearning, 
  • INST 6037: Advanced Technology Applications, and 
  • INST 5135: Multimedia Design Applications.

Each course is rigorous and comprehensive. Students completing the courses leave with a great deal of new knowledge, skills, and concepts. In addition, they earn three graduate hours of graduate credit for each completed course. Courses are scheduled in intensive eight-week semesters. Any of the TXVSN-approved courses taken at UHCL can be applied to the university’s 30-credit master’s degree in instructional technology.

National Standards

The North American Council for Online Learning: National Standards of Quality for Online Teaching

Courses Offered

  • INST 5135 Multimedia Design Applications
  • INST 6037 Advanced Technology Applications
  • INST 6137 Technology and eLearning
  • INST 6437 Interactive Distance Learning

Key Partnerships

TEA has established key partnerships to implement critical functions of the Texas Virtual School Network (TXVSN), including professional development for teaching online. Prior to teaching courses offered via the TXVSN, teachers are required to successfully complete TXVSN-approved professional development that specifically focuses on learning to teach effectively in the online environment. Information about course offerings, professional development, and participation in the TXVSN is available online at http://www.txvsn.org.


Questions about the TXVSN should be sent to the TXVSN help desk. The help desk icon can be found on the TXVSN website at http://www.txvsn.org.

Contact For More Information

Dr. Michelle Giles, Assistant Professor
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