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College of Education Strategic Plan

University of Houston-Clear Lake impacts our region through exceptional educational programs provided by engaged faculty and dedicated staff. We continue to build on that success by adding new programs and creating opportunities. We are expanding our 45-year commitment to opening doors to accessible education in exciting new ways with Impact 2025 and Beyond, the theme for our new strategic plan and the pathway to our future.

UHCL Core Values

  • Learner Focused
  • Innovation
  • Resilience
  • Integrity
  • Transformation
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Service
  • Sustainability

UHCL Strategic Themes

During Phase 1 of the strategic planning, the UHCL Strategic Management Team defined four "Pillars of Excellence" that are the foundation for all strategic plan work going forward. These pillars are: Educational Achievement, Inclusive Culture, Innovation through Collaboration and University Identity. From these pillars arise the four strategic objectives that each division addressed during Phase 2 of the planning process. These four objectives are: Organizational Capacity, University Processes, Resource Stewardship, and Students and Stakeholders

Learn more about UHCL Strategic Themes

College of Education Strategic Objectives

During Phase 2 of the strategic planning process, the College of Education worked with various stakeholders, including employees, students, alumni and community partners to develop our college objectives, intended results, and identify possible strategic initiatives. 

Our college priorities and objectives align with the four university objectives: organizational capacity, university processes, resource stewardship, and students and stakeholders.

COE Strategy Map Objectives for Students & Stakeholders, Financial (Resource)  Stewardship, University Process, and Organizational Capacity

  • COE Strategy Map Objectives
  • Students & Stakeholders
    • Improve Innovative & Synergistic Activity
    • Increase COE Recognition
    • Improve COE Experience
  • Financial (Resource)  Stewardship
    • Improve alignment of resources and support with College of Education priorities
  • University Process
    • Improve COE diversity
    • Improve COE collaboration efforts
    • Improve communication
    • Improve COE data processes
  • Organizational Capacity
    • Improve COE Culture of Diversity and Inclusion
    • Improve Workload Management for COE Faculty & Staff
    • Improve COE Teaching & Learning Resources


  • College of Education

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