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Student Travel

Student Travel Policy

The Dean of Students Office is responsible for overseeing and administering the student travel policy for UHCL. This policy is outlined in the University of Houston System Administrative Memorandum 05.C.03 Student Travel. The Dean of Students Office is available to assist students, faculty and staff in organizing and overseeing student travel.

Release and Indemnification Agreements

All student travelers must complete and submit to their trip coordinator/organizer the Release and Indemnification Agreement form. The same Release and Indemnification Agreement form is used for minors and requires a parent or guardian signature.

Faculty & Staff Requirements

When faculty and/or staff are involved in student travel that is "organized, arranged, or coordinated" and funded by a university College or department, a registered student organization, or by a faculty/staff member in their role as a university employee, they must complete all student travel procedures at least two weeks prior to the start travel date. Student travel to destinations greater than 25 miles away require faculty and staff to:

  1. Read, review and follow the University of Houston System Administrative Memorandum 05.C.03 Student Travel. Note the requirements when a student is driving other students.

  2. Complete the Student Travel Procedures as outlined below.

Student Travel Procedures

The Student Travel Procedures may be completed by a student, registered student organization, and/or the UHCL Faculty or Staff member who is the Trip Coordinator/Organizer and traveling with the group. The following steps must be completed at least two weeks prior to the start travel date:

  1. Register the student travel as an event/program via GetInvolved. As part of the Event Registration process, the user must select "student travel" and complete all required necessary steps. Steps include, but are not limited to, traveler information, proof of car/vehicle insurance, housing/hotel information, Release and Indemnification Agreements, and Motor Vehicle Record checks (as applicable).

  2. Once the student travel has been registered as an event/program, the information will be routed to and reviewed by the Dean of Students Office. In addition, the student travel information will be shared with the UHCL Police Department, for Clery reporting purposes.

  3. As applicable, request a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check for all UHCL employees and students authorized to operate a vehicle owned or leased by the University. MVR checks must be requested through the University of Houston Risk Management area, via their request form, located in the Section 3.2 of the Student Travel policy, prior to any trip being approved or authorized.
    1. MVR checks are not required for UHCL employees and students who elect to drive their own personal vehicles for student travel use.
  4. Send an email with all completed MVR check approvals and signed Release and Indemnification Agreement forms attached to the Dean of Students Office via deanofstudents@uhcl.edu, at least two weeks prior to the start travel date.