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Alcohol Distribution

Alcohol Distribution Policy

Purpose: It is the University's goal through this policy, to encourage students, University employees, and campus visitors to make responsible decisions and to promote safe, legal and healthy patterns of social interaction surrounding alcohol. This policy governs the possession, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the University's campuses, at both student and non-student events. 

Scope: The Alcohol Distribution policy applies to on and off-campus University sponsored activities and functions, including, but not limited to, those led by and/or involving alumni, colleges, departments, offices, professional associations and organizations, students, registered student organizations, and prospective students. An official, approved "University Sponsored Activity or Function" means one or more in which:

  • Institutional funds are being used for any part of the activity or program; or
  • The University name and/or logo are being associated with the event for which the University is the primary organizer; or
  • The activity or program is being advertised on or off campus by any means.

Additional Procedures and Guidelines

As an extension of the requirements outlined in the MAP 05.C.11 Alcohol Distribution policy, the sponsoring college, department, office, student organization, or other entity responsible for the University sponsored activity or function, is required to adhere to the following established procedures and guidelines surrounding alcohol possession, use, and/or distribution.

In addition, further below, you will find additional procedures and guidelines to follow when students are involved, in any way, at the University sponsored activity or function.

Procedures and Guidelines for All University Sponsored Activities/Functions

Marketing and Advertising

  • Alcohol or the consumption of alcohol may not be advertised as the main theme and/or purpose for attendance. Any publicity may refer to such alcoholic beverages only as incidental to the University sponsored activity or function.
  • Advertising will not portray drinking alcohol as a solution to personal or academic problems.
  • Advertising may not promote gimmicks or rapid-consumption games (i.e. "one charge for all you can drink", "chugging contests", "drink and drown contests", "beer pong", etc.), which enhances irresponsible drinking.
  • Advertising and marketing materials surrounding alcohol availability, use, and/or consumption is limited to:
    • Utilizing the following wording: "Alcohol Beverages Available".
    • Public education messages, such as responsible use of alcohol, using designated rivers, utilizing local ride share services, etc.


  • A sign at the point of alcohol distribution must be posted indicating the following: "No alcoholic beverages may be consumed by anyone under the age of 21".
  • A sign at the point of alcohol distribution must be posted indicating the sponsoring entity's willingness to call a cab/taxi or ride share service (at the attendee's expense) for those under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance.

Checking IDs

  • The on-campus food service provider employees are responsible for checking ages for all attendees. Non-expired driver's licenses and/or state IDs are acceptable forms of documentation.

Procedures and Guidelines for All University Sponsored Activities/Functions (involving Students)

These procedures and guidelines are to be followed when students, student employees, student leaders, and/or student volunteers/chaperones are involved in and/or in attendance for the University sponsored activity or function.

Point of Contact Designation

  • Designate a main point of contact for the University sponsored activity or function. This point of contact must be a full-time benefit eligible UHCL faculty or professional staff member.
  • Registered Student Organizations must designate a second point of contact, which must be a registered student organization officer.

Registration of Alcoholic Beverage Distribution form

  • Complete and submit a Registration of Alcoholic Beverage Distribution form electronically through GetInvolved, to the Dean of Students Office, at least thirty (30) business days in advance of the University sponsored activity or function for which alcohol is being served.
    • This form will ask for basic event information along with various items such as food and non-alcoholic beverages to be served, safety measures put in place, and provisions made to ensure no underage drinking occurs.
    • The Dean of Students or their designee will review the form for approval.
    • The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership will bring together all stakeholders, which includes, but is not limited to, the Dean of Students Office, the UHCL Police Department, the on-campus food service provider, and the sponsoring entity for final event approval.

Alcohol Education Workshop

  • Registered Student Organizations must participate in and complete an alcohol education workshop, two weeks prior to the University sponsored activity/function taking place.
  • Attendees must include the Registered Student Organization Advisor or designated main point of contact, as well as all executive board members, officers, and other student organization representatives who plan to be in attendance.

Adhering to Law and Health & Safety Measures

  • Comply with federal, state, and local laws as well as any UH System and UHCL policies regarding the distribution, possession, and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Determine, put in place, and ensure adherence to health and safety measures, to help provide for a safe and engaging event. 

Advisor Attendance

  • The Registered Student Organization Advisor (who must be a full-time benefits eligible University faculty or staff employee) or an Office of Student Involvement & Leadership staff member, must attend the University sponsored activity/function, for the entirety of time the alcohol is being served.

Designated Wristbands

  • All individuals, 21 years or older in attendance, must receive and wear a designated wristband provided by the College, department/office, Registered Student Organization, or other event organizing entity.
  • This wristband symbolizes the individual is of legal age to consume alcohol. Alcoholic beverages may not be served to individuals who are not wearing the designated wristband for the University sponsored activity/function.