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A Message to Parents

We are excited to welcome you and your student as you join our UHCL community.
For students, college means exploration, development, personal triumphs, and failures. The UHCL Student Services division strives to create an environment where your student can learn from these experiences, both in and outside of the classroom.
As with any new experience, there is a learning curve where students sometimes find themselves needing assistance. Below are important topics/resources for both you and your student to consider:
  1. Student Policies Handbook
    This handbook spells out UHCL students’ rights and responsibilities as well as the student code of conduct. Printed copies are available at the AVP of Student Services in Bayou 2523 and Dean of Students Office in SSCB 1201.

  2. FERPA
    My office is available for students at all times and in most cases, conversations are only between your student and myself. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) limits my ability to discuss certain academic and behavioral issues with anyone but the student. I encourage you to have a dialogue with your student regarding their academic progress because we value you as a partner in your student’s experience. If you have any questions concerning FERPA, I am happy to help you.

  3. CARE Concern
    UHCL's Crisis Awareness Response Emergency Team treats your concern with respect and honors anonymity. If you are concerned about any student’s behavior and/or well-being, contact the CARE Team online or call 281-283-2273 anytime.

  4. Academic Honesty
    At UHCL, we expect students to strive for honor, character, and excellence in all of their academic and co-curricular pursuits. At New Student Orientation, I go over importance of academic honesty and being a part of the process to stop cheating practices between classmates, as it devalues hard-earned diplomas.

  5. Welcome Center
    Students with questions and doubt should visit the Welcome Center. They provide immediate assistance and directions to the proper office/person that can help with other specific issues.

  6. Getting Involved
    Encourage your student to become actively involved with out of class experiences as their success will depend on the amount of effort they give and the level of participation they have in the campus community. As you explore our web site, you will discover many of these enriching and dynamic opportunities for a full and well-rounded education.
We look forward to working with your student as they embark on this life-changing experience.
David Rachita
Dean of Students