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Hawk Emergency Fund

Students experiencing insecurities related to food, housing, transportation, mental and physical health, childcare and technology, may apply for the Basic Needs Persistence Grant. Students may request up to $1,000.00 in grant funding during their academic career, for a recent unforeseen basic need hardship, that if not resolved by end of semester will result in the student's separation from the university or difficulty in successfully completing the semester. Please review the eligibility criteria and required documentation.

Hawk Emergency Fund

Students not eligible for the Basic Needs Persistence Grant, may apply for the Hawk Emergency Fund. Assistance is available to eligible students experiencing unforeseen, unavoidable, and extenuating emergency circumstances which potentially cause difficulties enrolling or remaining enrolled in classes. Please note that due to an increase in applications, Hawk Emergency Fund awards are currently capped at $200.

Hawk Emergency Fund Applications are first vetted through the Financial Aid Office to determine if other resources are available or appropriate. Students must have on file or file a FAFSA/TAFSA/TPEG to be considered, and additional information may be requested.

Before completing the application, be sure to have the following to support your request:

  • Documented recent emergency/unforeseen and unavoidable circumstance
  • Documented recent expense(s)
  • Financial Need
  • Reason enrollment status may be adversely affected

Hawk Emergency Fund Application