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Blackboard Training

The UCT Course Development and Support Team provides Blackboard training at University of Houston - Clear Lake. All faculty members are required to attend this training before using Blackboard at UHCL, regardless of any previous experience you might have with Blackboard or other learning management systems. This mandatory course covers the following key topics:

  1. Online course development procedures unique to UHCL;
  2. Use of the university’s Online Provisioning and Approval system;
  3. Use of Blackboard at UHCL; and
  4. Resources available to faculty who use Blackboard to deliver and support their instruction.

Additional information about our training options is available on the team's Blackboard Training web page. Contact Sam Houston to register.

Selected E-Learning Topics

In addition to the full Blackboard training, UCT hosts one-hour "brown bag" sessions throughout the year. We provide customized training courses to individuals and groups upon request, as these deliver several benefits to faculty:

  • Advanced training on the use of specific Blackboard tools/features, such as Blackboard Collaborate, Grade Center, Rubrics, Tests, Surveys, Pools and SafeAssign;
  • Guidance to faculty on how to make contents and assessments in Blackboard accessible to a wider range of students, in cooperation with UHCL’s Disability Services office;
  • Support for making faculty online and web-supported courses more engaging and dynamic by leveraging video and audio content (both created by the instructor and commercially produced), including the use of web conferencing; and
  • Exposure to emerging technology options and web-based teaching practices that may better meet the needs of a diverse and dynamic student population.

Additional information about our training options is available on the team's Blackboard Training web page.

You may also contact the Support Center by e-mailing or calling 281-283-2828 with your training inquiries. Your questions will then be routed to the appropriate member of the Course Development and Support Team.

Information Security Road Show

With every reported cyberattack, news outlets inform us how your personal information can be exposed, rendered inaccurate, held for ransom, or destroyed altogether. However, studies have shown that, in over 80 percent of all successful cyberattacks, the security breakdown was not a lack of technology or a technology failure - it was human error caused by a lack of information security awareness.

To improve awareness among members of the UHCL community, the Information Security Office offers a 45-minute classroom training session for faculty and staff. 

This light, interactive and informative training session is full of real world experiences designed to help both technical and non-technical attendees understand:

  • How malicious hackers exploit weaknesses in systems and human behavior to expose, tamper with or destroy information;
  • Simple things that each of us can do to protect work and home computers, tablets, smartphones and even devices on the “Internet of Things” (e.g., cars, refrigerators and home systems);
  • The structure and organization of UHCL’s information security program; and
  • Our roles and responsibilities for keeping the university’s information safe.

With a nice “rap” up at the end, this roadshow is a must-see for any department or team.  Contact the university’s Information Security Officer, Anthony Scaturro, by e-mail or phone (281-283-2954) to schedule a session.