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Laptop Checkout Frequently Asked Questions

How can I checkout a laptop?
Follow the on-screen instructions. These instructions include reading and accepting the Laptop Checkout Terms of Use.

How long can I borrow a laptop?
The time limit is 4 hours.

Do I have to sign a laptop use form?
No written signature is required but you must read and accept the Laptop Checkout Terms of Use electronically each time you checkout a laptop.

Do you restrict where I can take the kiosk device?
Yes. On Campus Use.

Is there a receipt for borrowing?
No. You are responsible for returning the laptop on a timely basis (4 hours).

What do I do if the laptop is not functioning properly when I first borrow it?
Return the laptop as soon as you realize there is a problem with it. Please choose the displayed option that most closely describes the problem you had with the laptop. Then check out another laptop if available.

Is there a late fee and how much is it?

What happens if I lose or damage the laptop?
You are responsible for the loss or damage up to the total cost of the laptop per the Laptop Checkout Terms of Use you accepted when checking out a laptop.

Why can’t I borrow a laptop someone else just returned?
The kiosk performs functions such as deleting the previous patron’s data and recharging the battery. This takes 6 minutes and during that time the kiosk device cannot be borrowed.

Why are some of the laptops not able to be borrowed?
A laptop cannot be borrowed while it is in charging mode or if one was reported damaged. Charging laptops will show up as yellow on the kiosk screen. Damaged devices will show up as yellow with a wrench icon. Damaged devices will be repaired and replaced as soon as possible.

When I return the laptop, what happens to any data I have left on it?
Laptops are wiped clean of data to protect user privacy after each use.

Contact UHCL OIT Support Center @ 281-283-2828 or


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    Phone: 281-283-2828

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