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Faculty and Staff Accounts

Computer Login & Email Accounts

Computer login/email accounts are mandatory for all full- and part-time UHCL employees and are auto-generated based on the start date determined by the employing department.  There is no need to complete an account application form. 

Computer Account Application only needs to be completed for those requesting group accounts or temporary accounts. Group accounts are departmental accounts or student organization accounts that have one owner but others are given delegate access. Temporary accounts (login only) can be requested for guest speakers that need to log onto a UHCL classroom computer.  

Password Rules

  • Must be at least 12 characters long
  • Must not contain any part of your first or last name
  • Must contain 3 of these 4 criteria:
    • Upper-case Letters
    • Lower-case Letters
    • Numbers
    • Symbols

New Employees

All new full-time and part-time benefits-eligible employees on UHCL Payroll should report to HR on their first day of employment.  They will be instructed on how to look up their username and set a password.  After accepting the End User License Agreement (EULA), the Support Center is notified of this acceptance and will generate tickets to set up Outlook on their assigned computer, create their archive mailbox, and setup the backup software if they are assigned a computer.  New employees can also use any browser to go to the EULA (End User License Agreement), to find out their username, set a password, and set up challenge questions in case an online password reset is needed in the future.  

Adjunct Accounts

Adjunct faculty accounts are also auto-generated. Creations, renewals, and expiration dates are based on the employment dates designated by their department. Adjunct account expiration dates are formula based according to the termination date set by their department. Adjunct accounts will remain active after the current term has ended. Adjuncts teaching a course(s) in Blackboard must have a UHCL domain account. To find out if a new adjunct's account has been generated, use any browser to accept the EULA to find out their username, set a password, and set up challenge questions in case an online password reset is needed in the future.  

Student Worker, Teaching/Research Assistant Accounts

Temporary student employee accounts on the UHCL domain are automatically generated based on hire date. Account expiration dates are based on the start/end date set by the employing department. Student employees can check to see if their accounts have been auto-generated  by going to the EULA. The EULA reveals their username, lets them set a password and challenge questions.   

Student Organization/Academic Club Accounts

The officers elected to student organizations or academic clubs can request UHCL email accounts for their respective organizations. The Computer Account Application requires the signature of the appropriate Student Life staff that oversee the student organizations or if an academic club, the faculty advisor. Accounts will be set to expire at the end of each September.  Renewal requires the approval of either Student Life or the faculty advisor.  Use the Computer Account Application form to request renewal.  

Guest Logins

Faculty and staff can request temporary logins for their on-campus guests if that guest will be using an on-campus computer.  The department or the guest must complete a Computer Account Application. Guest logins can be requested for a specific period of time but typically are good for one day only. A temporary login allows guests to log onto any PC on campus.  Guests are also welcome to use UHCL-Public WiFi where no login is required or plug in their personal laptop if presenting in a classroom equipped with a projection system.   

Account Expiration

Full-time faculty and staff accounts have no expiration dates. Accounts expire if an employee leaves UHCL and goes through separation procedures.  

UHCL retirees that choose to keep their UHCL accounts are not set to expire.  A retiree can at any time request that the account be expired/deleted. 

Account expiration dates for adjunct accounts are set to approximately one year from creation/renewal date.  

Expired accounts on UHCL domain are not deleted until they have been inactive for a period of just over one year.

Web Space for Student Projects

If your course requires your students to create web pages or share items via the web, you will need space on a web server for your classes.  Please contact and specify your course, using the catalog and class number (example: INST 5636) to request space on the Coursework server -

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