MBA Concentrations and Format

Face-to-face or Hybrid

Business Analytics

You will develop the skills necessary to organize, describe, and analyze big data repositories to uncover new business insights. ISAM courses are over 15-weeks and are only offered face to face. DSCI and MGMT courses are offered over 8-weeks and available fully online.

Environmental Management

The Environmental Management concentration provides an understanding of the complex relationships between human and ecological systems and develops tools and competencies needed to effectively manage those relationships. Courses are available to complete the concentration fully online although some elective options may only be available hybrid. Most ENVR courses are 15-week courses. The environmental field is broad and interdisciplinary. Environmental professionals work in industry, consulting firms, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, banks, and universities.

International Business

A foundation of finance, accounting, and strategy coupled with cultural management prepares you with the skills to conduct business successfully in the global economy. Both face to face and online courses will be required to complete this program. Accounting courses are 15-week courses while other courses will be 8-weeks.

Management Information Systems

Knowledge and skills to achieve professional growth and success, as well as make significant contribution to organizational growth and success. ISAM courses are only available face to face. All ISAM courses are 15-week courses. Database Application Developer; Business Intelligence Application Developer; Systems Analyst; and Project Manager.

Fully Online


Finance combines accounting, economics and decision sciences to support business decisions. The focus is on applying finance and economics concepts across a variety of applications and business models. Courses may be completed hybrid, fully online, or a mix of both hybrid and fully online. Financial analysts are valuable in both the corporate and government sectors. Students also have the opportunity to work in financial planning for individuals.

Human Resource Management

The major functions of HR included are legal and staffing. Electives include compensation, employee development, and labor relations. Courses are only available fully online. All HMRS courses are 15-week courses. Some electives may follow an 8-week schedule. You will be able to start as a generalist with this concentration. It is also possible to move directly into selection.


If you are currently a leader or aspire to be one, our leadership concentration develops the necessary skills to lead teams, departments, divisions, or entire companies. By examining successful leaders and the latest theories, you will learn how to be authentic, inspirational and motivate others to be their best selves and achieve organizational goals. Courses may only be completed fully online. Any management position in the private or public sector.

Management of Technology

You will learn to develop innovations, forecast adoption, and bring technologies to market while protecting intellectual properties and managing technology professionals. Courses are only available fully online. Some optional courses may require 15-weeks.


This concentration aims to educate students on the opportunities and challenges faced by organizations who seek economic, social and environmental achievements, which constitute the foundation of a sustainable economy.

Courses are available to complete the concentration fully online although some elective options may only be available hybrid. Most ENVR courses are 15-week courses.

All business functions are going to impacted by sustainability related challenges or opportunities. So if you are in purchasing, logistics manufacturing, marketing, accounting, management, all functions will have to be adjusted to make organizations more sustainable.

  • Sustainability chief officer
  • Sustainability Reporting 
  • Sustainability Investor
  • Safety & Environmental Manager
  • Compliance Officer

Customized Concentration

This concentration is subject to course availability. Courses may be hybrid or fully online, courses may be 8-week or 15-week courses. Students must submit a proposal and get the proposal approved by the MBA program director and program adviser. At least 9 credit hours must come from College of Business graduate courses.


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