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Fall 2021 Entries

A girl standing in front of a locker. Text: Don't Be UHCL-ueless.
A boy plays chess with a dog making one of the proposed UHCL hand signs.
A car drifts off a freeway towards a sign that says "trying to pet every deer I see on campus". Another part of the sign says "Going directly to class"
Title: Student Life. One half of the image is labeled "Expectations" and shows a University of Houston Football Game. Another label states "What I got" and shows a picture of Hunter Hawk.
Image Title: That moment when you find an easy question in the exam. A man writes into a large notebook.
Title: When the Professor Assigns Homework on a Friday. A series of adorable animals with wacky names like James Pond are on a Zoom call.
Title: Getting ready for the weekend. A woman walks. Bottom image has a large map labeled Assignments with kids sitting at a desk labeled Reality.
Title: When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Hawk. Two chickens hold hands with a baby chick in front of the UHCL letters.
A picture of campus at night. Caption: On a dark and stormy night, life on UH Clear Lake campus is beautiful no matter what the weather might hold.
A meme face person says they can't wait to drink delicious water from the water fountain in the STEM building. They get sprayed in the face with water.
Title: When you're already running late to your 8 am but you gotta stop for Bambi. Monsters Inc sits in a car on the road waiting for a deer to pass.
Title: When it's almost Christmas but you still gotta keep an eye on your exams. A close up on a person's face with one eye slightly looking towards another direction.
Title: The new zoom meeting. Campus. Two students pose for a picture on campus.
Caption: Only 1 min left to submit the test. Checks if all questions are answered. Clicks quit button instead of submit. A meme face panics.
Title: Sitting in class looking like I've been studying old materials during lock down and not playing game and watching anime instead. A close-up of a gorilla looking wistfully into the sky.


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